1. Life drawing

Life drawing is the perfect hen’s party activity because it’s just the right balance between cheeky and classy. When it comes to hens parties, you have to have an element of cheekiness. A handsome naked man in front of you is sure to fulfil that element. But why just look at him when you could draw him? In 90 minutes you’ll draw a nude male model in many different dynamic, interesting poses. The atmosphere is cheeky, classy and most importantly fun! It’s a great bonding experience as well! To book life drawing packages which include a model, materials and an instructor contact team@henspartyideasadelaide.com.au


      2. Cocktail making

Rather than have a run of the mill hens night where you go out to bars and drink, learn to make the cocktail’s yourself. Sprouse up your night with a handsome cocktail specialist who will teach you step by step to make 3 different delicious cocktails. And if you want, the mixologist can even be topless to give you some eye candy while you’re shaking your cocktail. Hens party ideas Adelaide’s handsome mixologists will bring everything you’ll need to your house so that you don’t have to worry about a thing.


     3. Flower crown workshop

Does your hen love all things nature? Then a flower crown workshop is the perfect thing to add to your day! Learn to make beautiful crowns our of fresh and dried flowers that you wear for the rest of the hens day and longer! You’ll leave feeling accomplished at having made something so beautiful yourself and looking like a flower queen! We have the perfect flower crown making workshop, to book contact team@henspartyadelaide.com.au.


     4. Burlesque

Learn the art of seduction with a profession burlesque instructor. Spend 90 minutes learning key techniques of burlesque and a choreographed dance which you’ll master by the end of it. You’ll leave the night with a sore face from giggling so much, feeling sexy and empowered. Adelaide Burlesque parties by Hens Party ideas Adelaide can come to your home and teach you and your girlfriends in the comfort of your home of they can organise a glamorous venue for you where you can show off your moves on the dance floor afterwards. To book a burlesque hens night contact team@henspartyideasadelaide.com.au.


      5. Chocolate making

Is your hen a chocolate fiend? Spending the day making your own chocolate would be the perfect activity for her hens! At Adelaide chocolate school they’ll take you through the process step by step and you can even choose your own moulds. To book contact admin.acs@bigpond.com. 


      6. Party on a boat

Is the hen a water lover? Spend the day sipping champagne, admiring the sunset and looking at dolphins. Temptation sailing are based at the marina pier, holdfast shores marina in Glenelg, Adelaide south Australia. Or if you’re specifically wanting to see dolphins take a dolphin cruise on the port river with the port princess. To book a dolphin cruise contact at info@dolphinexplorer.com.au.


      7. Rudigami

Thinking about a more crafty hens party? Rudigami is the perfect solution! Learn the ancient art of origami with a rude twist – rudigami. Get taught to make penises our of paper by one of Hens Party ideas Adelaide’s handsome rudigami instructors. You’ll get to make them in not just the plain penis form but also as a superhero, a flasher or shooting through a heart, the possibilities are endless. To Book contact team@henspartyideasadelaide.com.au.


     8. Paintballing

Is your hen more about the action? While it’s not your typical hen’s party experience a day of paintballing is sure to get the adrenaline rushing and having fun. To book an excitement-filled day contact delta force paintball,  Adelaide’s premier paintballing location.


     9. Pole dancing

Why not combine a good workout and learning to be sexy. You’ll learn the art of pole and get to know you’re inner temptress. For this hens night idea, contact pole boutique in Goodwood, Adelaide.


     10. Wine tour

You can’t go wrong with a relaxing afternoon of tasting delicious wines in Barossa and McLaren Vale. After all, Adelaide is the world-renowned wine capital. To enjoy this hens day idea contact cellar door tours the #1 recommended wine tour on trip advisor.


     11. Bollywood dancing

Does your hen love the exciting fun filed drama that is Bollywood films? Learn the art of Bollywood dancing with a modern twist. The day is sure to be filled with laughs and the gratified feeling of mastering a skill you never thought possible. You can even perform it with your girlfriends at the wedding afterparty! To book a professional Bollywood instructor contact hens party ideas Adelaide.


    12. Pamper

Treat you and your girlfriends to a relaxing pamper day. Ripple massage will alleviate all the stress of organisation, by making all the phone calls and coming to you. Pampering can include massages, pedicures, facials or you can visit them for a day spa treatment. To book visit https://www.ripplemassage.com.au/packages/hens-party/.


   13. Paint the man

If your hen is more of the literal hands on type, paint the man is the perfect hens party activity for her. Get the best of both worlds by first drawing our handsome model and then get down and dirty by painting ON him. To book a handsome sweet model and instructor contact Hens Party ideas Adelaide.


    14. Hat Making

If you’re looking for a longer lasting hens day, where your hen will be able to take something away from it which she can keep for the rest of her life, then hat making is sure to be perfect. Learn the intricate art of hat making and have a skill that’s sure to serve you for the rest of your life. You can make a hat for any occasion, the perfect classy, warm cozy winter hat you’ve never been able to find or a more extravagant hat for the races. For a 5 day course contact Julie a professional hat maker who’s sure to make the whole thing seem like a breeze. To book contact juliefleming@bigpond.com .


     15. Fortune teller

What better way to spend a hens day than to find out what the life of the bride to be will be like in the future? Hens Party Ideas Adelaide offers a  15 minute fortune telling session for each guest. In these 15 minutes they’ll learn about their what their future holds, you can ask about career, love life, friendships or anything else you might be curious about. To book contact Hens Party Ideas Adelaide. 


    16. High tea

Spend a delightful afternoon sipping tea and devouring delicious sweets while celebrating the wonderful bride to be. The Stamford plaza offers a variety of options from traditional high tea, chocolate themed high tea, wizardry high tea, Halloween high tea and Aladdin high tea. To book one of their many options contact them at https://www.stamford.com.au/spa/adelaide-restaurant-bars/adelaide-high-tea.


    17. Escape room

Does your hen love mysteries? Spend the day trying to solve the mysteries of an escape room. The thrill of the unknown will bring you and your girlfriends closer than ever. To book an escape room contact escape hunt with a variety of different adventures you’re sure to have a blast.


    18. Treasure hunt

Explore the beautiful south Australian beach area Glenelg in a thrilling treasure hunt. End the treasure hunt at a mystery pub where the winners of the treasure hunt will be announced. To book a treasure hunt visit hens treasure hunts http://henstreasurehunt.com.au/location/s-a-locations-glenelg/.


     19. Horseback riding

Spend the day blazing the trail with your best friends. Learn everything there is to know about horses and take in the beautiful surroundings while trotting on a horse. Kirby park has many scenic tours and a 5 star rating. To book your exciting hens day visit http://kirbypark.com/contact-us/.


    20. Magician

Want to organise a hens day that the hen and guests won’t forget? Your guests will long be thinking about the gobsmacking day of magic you organised. Hire a magician to wow your guests with close up magic, or even a large stage show. The magicians will also mingle with your guests performing roving magic that is interactive with your guests.  To book a premiere magician visit https://www.adelaidemagician.com.au/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMItOTR2rrn4AIVRI6PCh0UagxIEAAYASAAEgK46PD_BwE.


   21. Games

Why not spend the day partaking in classic hens party games. They’re sure to get your hen and guests laughing. To get some inspiration for the best hens party games to play visit https://www.pinterest.com.au/thehenplanner/hen-party-games/. To your hens night games book one of our gorgeous topless waiters who will help you organise them and make sure everyone’s joining in and the spirits are high.



With all of these hens parties ideas, you’re sure to find something that’s perfect for your hen! Hens Party Ideas Adelaide is an award-winning hens parties business. So if you’d like to have a chat about all things hens with SA’s #1 hens party business contact us team@henspartyideasadelaide.com.au.