We all know that weddings can be costly, which means that often the hen party draws the short straw budget-wise. Don’t be disheartened though; this gives you the perfect excuse to host your hen’s party at home! How do I do that? I hear you ask. Six steps are all it takes.

Step One – decide on a unique hens night activity.

The activity lays the foundation for the entire party. It sets the atmosphere, breaks the ice, and gets people engaged, relaxed and having fun! Your first step in planning your stay at home hens party should be deciding on a unique activity that the bride-to-be and all her guests will love. The options are endless, grab a pen and get brainstorming. The activity, while being the most crucial aspect, can take a lot of time and energy to plan and organise, often leaving you stressed before you even make it to step two! Us here at Hens Party Adelaide understand the struggle, which is why we’ve perfected the art of party planning for you. Just say the word, and we’ll bring one of our packages, fully equipped, right to your home. Some of our personal favourite at home hens night activities have been:

Life Drawing – get ready to release your inner Picasso and produce a masterpiece! One of our gorgeous models (and your new muse) will take you and all the guests on an artistic journey through the key to expression and appreciation of the male form. This hens party activity is the perfect activity to host at home!

Dance Class – who doesn’t love dancing? The answer is no one, especially no one who has attended one of our lively, relaxed and entertaining dance classes that can be hosted hassle-free in a backyard. Hens Party Adelaide offers both Bollywood and Burlesque classes, where our professional instructors outline the background, teach new dance moves and give everyone the freedom to explore and incorporate their personal dance touches. Don’t worry if you don’t think you’re much of a dancer; these classes are all about having fun and building your confidence! Both dance styles are so fun you’ll have trouble choosing!

Cocktail Making – forget algebra, here’s a skill that we should have been taught in school! Cocktails are the quintessential ingredient to a fun night out, but what’re the ingredients for a cocktail? You can put yourself at ease with this activty because we’ll bring everything that’s needed, including alcohol, ice, all the materials, glassware and of course most importantly, a handsome topless mixologist! This unique hens night idea is guaranteed to be a blast, especially since you get to consume all your creations.


Step Two – Pick a theme.

Themes always fun, albeit sometimes tricky. You could easily spend hours thinking up unique hen party ideas and themes, but it’s all about picking the best one for the hen herself. Would she prefer a classy hen’s night or a tacky one? Does she want something low key or something more extravagant (or a mixture of both in the form of a hens party weekend away?). Maybe you need to specifically think of hen party ideas for small groups or fit the theme to your budget? The possibilities are endless- Hawaiian themed, a glitter and glam hens night, a leopard print party, or throw it back to the 90s to name a just a few options. Personally, we believe that these themes are always winners:

Boho Hen Party – a superb mixture of laid back yet festive, a boho hen night theme is perfect for a stay at home hens party. Utilising your (or someone else’s) garden is a must for this theme, as are some DIY decorations.

Murder Mystery Hen Party – a great excuse to get dressed up and put on the persona of your alter ego, a murder mystery themed hens party is destined to be a crowd favourite. There are party kits you can purchase if you want; otherwise, this website has a range of free murder mystery games to choose from. To go that one step further, you could always make it a Great Gatsby hen party and have everyone come in costumes from the 20s!

Winter Wonderland Hen Party – hosting your hen’s party during the coldest of our seasons? Why not get inspired by the weather and make winter the theme? To get started you need some fairy lights, an open fire and lots and lots of white!


Step Three – decorations

Once you’ve decided on your theme, it’s time for, in our opinion, one of the best steps… decorating! This step is even more critical when hosting your hen’s night at home as you want to transform the space from a regular living area into a party! Don’t worry though it’s easily achieved with some mood lighting and decorations. Try and tie them in with your theme and make sure you include:

Balloons – essential for any party, balloons can elevate a space and create a celebratory atmosphere. But we’re not talking any old balloons here. This is the bride-to-be’s hen’s night, and that should be made very clear! Perhaps with a “bride-to-be” balloon as the centrepiece? Snag one at our Hens Party Adelaide Online Shop here.


Floral arrangements – If you’re hosting the party indoors, try and sneak a little bit of nature inside too. Don’t worry if you’re on a budget, vines and small pieces of greenery can be just as effective at creating a beautiful and balanced party atmosphere.

For more ideas about how to decorate your at-home hens party have a look at this article we wrote earlier in the month. If you wanted to have a look at some more decorations, check out our online shop here!


Step Four – Food and Drink

A great hens night idea for at-home food is to serve a grazing platter. They look good, are easy to create, can be prepared in advance, and have a broad range of options, so it’s guaranteed everyone will enjoy! To make one yourself, you’ll need to arrange on a large platter:

–         Gourmet cheeses – preferably at least one soft, one blue and one hard to give a good variety

–         Fruit Paste

–         Crackers and/or fresh bread

–         Dips! (our favourite part) – you will need around one dip for every three people

–         Fruits – always a lovely addition adding various fruits (think mainly berries, grapes and stone fruit as they last well out) gives the plate a lovely dash of colour

–         Cured Meat – prosciutto, salami, turkey, ham all pair well with the rest of the platter

–         Remaining additions – get creative at this point! We love adding nuts, olives and sundried tomatoes

If DIY sounds like a bit too much time aimlessly wandering supermarket aisles, our partner business Bits N Bites Adl can do all the hard work for you! They have a broad range of options for every kind of diet and believe us; it’s all delicious. Check out their options here!


 Step Five – Games and Entertainment

Time to plan the games! If you’re anything like us, you loved playing games as a child and nothing has changed! Planning out a few games to play during your hen’s party is a great way to get people into the party spirit. Some great ones include hens party Pictionary or charades. Read our 10 Top Hens Party Games here for some inspiration!


Step Six – Invites

That’s a wrap. At least for the planning anyway (although let’s be real the planning doesn’t stop until the party’s over). The only thing left to do is send out the invites and wait to hear on RSVP’s. Try and do this as early as possible so people can plan around the event and you can organise the activity and the catering in advance. Make sure to include the event name, date, time, place, and RSVP details. Here is also a good place to mention if you expect the guests to chip in and share the cost of the event if you haven’t already made arrangements. We recommend using a template to construct your invites, which you can browse here and here.

We hope we’ve been able to help you organise and plan out what you need to do for your hens night at home, as well as give you a bit of inspiration! If you have any questions or would like to book a party with us, don’t hesitate to call us at 0410 767 869 or contact us here!