For most of us, our mother is the star of our life. She’s strong, kind, resilient, inspirational, generous and she’s just an all-round champion. Mothers day is a special day to celebrate not only her but also the bond that you have with her.

For those who don’t have a mother or your relationship is not what you would wish don’t leave just yet. I’m sure that there is someone in your life who is a mother figure, someone you can rely on to support you, who you look up to and whom you love as if she was your own mother. Give this woman a gift to show her how much you love her.

Gifts are a great way to show your love. For me and those I’ve spoken to, a personal gift is much more meaningful than say a gift voucher. What’s more personal than making something yourself? It shows that you care enough about the person to put time, thought and effort into them. So, we’ve put together a list of “Do It Yourself” gift ideas to inspire you. They vary in difficulty so you’re sure to find something that will suit your DIY abilities.


Beautiful mug with marble design.


What you’ll need:

– A mug (preferably white)

– A container you don’t need

– Paper towels

– Nail polish

– Bamboo skewer or toothpick



  1. Fill your container half full with warm water.
  2. Take your nail polish – preferably your mums’ favourite colours and add a few drops to your water.
  3. Make a small swirl like pattern. Make sure your nail polish is not quick dry. Adding a second darker colour will have a nice effect
  4. Swirl your nail polish around in the water with a skewer till you have a pattern you’re happy with.
  5. Grab your mug and dip it in the water and turn it around so that it picks up the paint.
  6. Place the mug onto a paper towel and leave to dry!

For a more in-depth explanation and helpful tips read the house of hipsters article!


A succulent planter.

What you’ll need:

– 3 different sized bowls big enough to fit plants

– 2 clear glasses

– Glue

– Gravel

– Potting soil

– Small bag of rocks (optional)

– Succulents


Pom pom bookmarks

This one is super simple, quick and cute! All you’ll need is:

– Yarn

– Scissors



  1. Cut a 20-25 cm long piece of yarn and set it aside.
  2. Go back to your original ball of yarn and wrap the end around your fingers (snug but not too tight).
  3. Wrap the yarn around your fingers about 90 times.
  4. Cut your yarn and carefully slide it off your fingers.
  5. Tie a tight not around the middle of the loop
  6. Now use the piece that you cut earlier on and tie it around the same string you used to tie the 90 loops earlier.
  7. Next, hold the ball of loops on its side and slide your scissors through the hole and start cutting.
  8. Now you should have a pompom, but go ahead and snip it so that all the ends are even and you have a cute ball shape.


For more instructions and photo, assistance read this article.


Bath salt care package.

This is the perfect present for a hard-working mum, who doesn’t normally take time for self-care. This is an excellent reminder that she deserves downtime to recharge.

What you’ll need:

– 1 jar

– 3 cups Epsom Salt

– 2 cups Sea Salt

– 1 cup baking soda

–         Peppermint Oil or any other nice smelling essential oil

– Food colouring to make it pretty



  1. Combine your two salts and baking soda in a bowl.
  2. Add 15-20 drops of your essential oil and stir it in.
  3. Divide your bath salt in half and add 4-6 drops of food colouring in one ball.
  4. Layer your two bath salts in a cute mason jar.



Zipper book clutch.

 This one is a little more advanced but will make for a reaaally cute accessory that your mum is sure to use regularly. She’ll love it!

Your finished product will end up looking a little something like this!


For the instructions and what you’ll need, read this article by seekatesew


Faux granite coasters.

What you’ll need

– Glossy white tiles

– 91% rubbing alcohol

– Permanent markers

– A baking tray or bowel covered in aluminium

– A gaslighter



  1. Colour on the tile, it’s best to stick to 3 or 4 colours.
  2. Pour alcohol on top of the tile, which will cause the ink to blend together.
  3. Put your tile in your aluminium covered try and lite using your gaslighter.
  4. Or for a more saturated colour look don’t burn off the alcohol.


To make a granite effect check out the video in this article.


Flower tote bag.

What you’ll need:

– A cotton tote bag

– Alum powder

– Rubber gloves

– Parchment paper

– Masking tape

– Flowers

– Board

– Hammer



  1. Prepare the tote bag by dissolving ¼ cup of alum in 2 cups of hot water.
  2. Soak the bag in your mixture and let it air dry.
  3. Once tried, put a piece of parchment paper inside the bag to keep the flower dye from leaking through.
  4. Pick your flowers and leaves from your garden. Or steal them from someone else’s ;p (marigolds work well).
  5. Lay them onto your bag and secure them with tape.
  6. Put your bag on top of a board and go ham! Hammer that thing like it’s your shitty boss.

For more in-depth, instructions give this article a read!


If you’d like any help with any of these DIY projects we’d be happy to guide you through them, just give us a call on 0410 767 869 or ?