Summer in all its glory is upon us. With that comes the urge to party. Whatever kind of party you’re throwing, whether it’s a birthday, Christmas party, New Year’s party or hens party we highly recommend elevating your event to the next level with themes and dress-ups. We have plenty of experience in parties. So, we can assure you that it’s close to guaranteed that your guests will get more into the party spirit if your party has a theatrical element. Whether you spice things up with a dress-up theme, party styling, or all of the above, it’s sure to add that extra twang your party needs to be memorable. If you choose to go for themed decorations/styling we’ve put together a list of our favourite hens party decoration ideas.

We offer eleven fabulous activities that are guaranteed to get your guests sore from laughing. We regularly host birthday parties, office parties and even divorce parties sometimes. To add an element of excitement to our packages we offer character dress up for our staff upon request. Over the years we’ve collected a variety of costumes that our staff can come to your party dressed in. For our Life Drawing package, your model can come dressed in costume, some of our guys even love to take it to the next level with role play. Once our staff have committed to the role they don’t break character, so get ready to have a real-life policeman at your hen’s party. ? We can also send our cocktail making instructorstopless waiters, Rudigami instructors and paint on the man models in costume.

Here’s a list of the costumes we have as well as some themes inspiration:

1. Nautical hen party

Let everyone live out their sailor/pirate fantasies. An added bonus is that for those who don’t get that into dressing up, they can easily just wear a stripy top and get a sailor’s hat. And for those who do, there are many more options to spice your costume up.

Here’s a photo of one of our handsome models, Andrew, dressed as a sailor for a Life Drawing Hens Party.

2. Cricket Party

We all know Australians can’t get enough of cricket. For one party we had last year, we spoke to the bridesmaid about the hen. She mentioned that her husband to be was a cricketer and that since getting together the hen had become obsessed with Cricket. So… we decided it would be hilarious to have our model come dressed as a Cricketer. She loved it, as you can see ?

3. Magic Mike

If you haven’t seen or heard of Magic Mike, I’m afraid it’s not time to crawl out from under that rock you’ve been living under for the past decade. Magic Mike, which was released in 2012, is a comedy-drama featuring America’s sweetheart Channing Tatum. He showed the world a new side of him in his debut as a male stripper. And we’re ALL here for it. So, for your hens party, why wouldn’t want to have your handsome model come dressed as Mike. You’re in luck, all of our models definitely have the looks and charisma of Channing Tatum… and maybe even the moves ?

4. Fire Fighter

I think we’ve all at least once in our life had a fantasy about a sexy firefighter. We invite you to experience your fantasy in real life. We even have an original 100% legitimate firefighting jacket. If you feel like being cheeky, we can even play a prank on your guests and make them think that there’s a real fire and our model is there to put it out.

5. Cowboy Themed Hens Day

Let’s face it, cowboys are hot, in all their rugged glory. Get all the girls to dress up as cowgirls, all you need is a cowboy hat, a check shirt and a pair of fantastic cowboy boots. If you’re stuck on finding an outfit, Heaven Costumes has all the elements to the perfect costume.

And the cherry on top, our model will come dressed as a cowboy.

6. Jungle Themed Party

This theme leaves room for imagination and creativity. Ask all of your guests to come to the hens party dressed as any creature or thing that’s part of the wonderous ecosystem that is the jungle. Our model or instructor can come dressed as a ravenous tiger.

7. flower themed hens party

There are many ways you could go with this theme. You could take it back to the ’60s and the era of hippies, a lot of pot, festivals and flower children. Or you could add a modern twist and make it a festival themed hen party. The perfect package to add to this party would be our flower crown making package, where you can make your own, luscious, enviable flower crowns. Or if you’d like to do this theme with one of our other packages, your model/instructor can come dressed as a flower child.

8. King of Egypt Costume

How could you say no to this regal, rugged and slightly raunchy costume?

To request one of these costumes for your party contact us at or 0410 767 869 we’d love to chat!