Firstly, what is Life Drawing?

Life drawing is also known as life art drawing, figure drawing, live painting or live drawing and uses a variety of mediums such as pencil, charcoals or paint.

Life drawing involves drawing a living organism, and whilst this could be a plant, or animal most frequently it will be a human being, generally a nude model in real life not from a photograph or memory.

Why not Drawing from Photographs?

This is a controversial topic. Many artists argue that this is a waste of time. They would say that life drawing is about drawing a three-dimensional living creature, while a photo is just a 2D inanimate object. The photo is already a picture, so there seems to be no point in copying it.  Nevertheless, many other artists have found drawing from a photograph a useful way to practice. Moreover, having access to a variety of live models is a luxury that not many can afford, and not just because of the cost, but because live models are indeed hard to find.

Life drawing 3

Why has the model to be nude?

Sketching a nude man or women might sound like a daunting experience to some so why does the model have to be nude?

The easiest answer is that clothes aren’t alive. Looking at a living thing, and particularly a living person, has a very different energy to it than an inert object. Capturing the life of the model is an essential part of life drawing and this is better done without covering up the living parts of the person with sterile bits of material.

Life Drawing as an Idea for Hens’ Night: What Happens?

Let’s walk you through one of our Hens nights in Adelaide.

It is Saturday afternoon in the middle of winter; Karen Copley is celebrating her hens party at the stunning Adelaide Rockford Hotel in Adelaide CBD. A table is filled with miniature cupcakes and glasses of Red Barossa Shiraz. Wafia’s “I’m Good” plays on the stereo. A topless waiter takes coats. The guests, mostly in their 20s, sit down, waiting for the main attraction: a nude male model.

Everyone is excited, no one knows what will happen. The organizer has kept the afternoon’s event a secret. But it’s not a stripper. It’s a human subject, which you get to draw.

“Is this a new thing?” asks Ms. Silverman, who is 28 and worked at Zara until recently. There is much nervous laughter all around, each girl sits with a board on their knees. “Just as long as I don’t have to get naked, too!” Ms. Silverman said.

Life Drawing 4

“Girls want to do something a little cheeky,” says Jacqueline Mitchell, owner and Managing Director of Hens Party Adelaide, the 8-year-old company that organized the event (and also does corporate parties, birthdays and assorted get-togethers focusing on art, averaging 2 events weekly).

Both Ms. Mitchell and Ms. Silverman are from Australia, where life-drawing “hen parties,” are popular and considered a tasteful alternative to vulgar strip shows or something similar. “It’s common to bring your mum, aunt or grandma,” Ms. Mitchell says. “It’s something to talk about and bond with for the day. You’ll learn a bit and definitely laugh a lot.”

Once everyone is comfortable, and relaxed with a glass of wine it was time to take out the pencils for the life drawing session. “Gorgeous friends, this is our man for the day,” said Ms. Silverman, introducing the model, Aiden, 28, from Nepal, a former flight attendant with Virgin Australia.

Ms. Silverman was asked to remove Aiden’s sarong and she did as she was told, though she looked terrified. There were schoolgirl chuckles from the crowd.

The art teacher, Sally Mills, who is also an exhibiting artist, called out instructions for the life drawing class: “Stick figures are not allowed. No crossing anything out. No erasers. The more you relax, the better you draw.” Aiden performed his poses for the group through a variety of 2 minutes poses: facing the students, facing the Hen, one leg on a chair and a laying down on the floor. A final word of advice from Aiden: “Don’t forget to draw my male bits! They are a what makes me different in this room, here amongst you gorgeous ladies.”

Drawing with attentiveness, some ladies, with a little help from their art instructor took their time to include some shading to emphasize Aiden abdominal muscles. Other ladies did some hatching to highlight the shadows on his rear end during the following exercise: sketching with nondominant hands.

Life Drawing 5
Life Drawing 6

“Suddenly the laughter and chatter subsided and the group became quieter,” reported Ms. Silverman said. “Everyone was so concentrated!” Penis earrings and a photo with the model were offered to the “artists” judged by Mr. Aiden’s to have created his favorite likenesses.

Ms. Mills said that Australian women want slim yet muscular models, and six-pack abs are always welcome. “They also have to be lovely, respectful and charming and fun to be around, in order to be good candidates for Hens Party Adelaide.

“We want our models to love their job, so we make sure they enjoy what they do.” she said.

Aiden, lives in Adelaide, and now works as a student support officer by day. He sees the parties as an opportunity to play with gender roles and allows them to let loose.

He finds girls nervous at first, but “by the end, these women would be ready to tackle a cheetah in the Maasai Mara.”

“As the party ends you go back out to your own world feeling pleasingly relaxed,” he adds.

Indeed, during a cocktail break, chats were relaxed and orbited around the model, who Ms. Silverman characterized as “adorable.”

“He just kept smiling at me, I felt so well cared for” she said. Their subsequent exercise was to collaborate on a drawing, which would be given to the bride-to-be.

“I would recommend this,” said Mara O’Leary, 53, a painter who had travelled across Europe for more than 20 years: “Strippers can be so awkward and their quick, direct, impersonal actions can be totally embarrassing many of us ladies.  But with Life Drawing by Hens Party Adelaide everything is different. You get to settle down, manage your feelings, and at the end it turns out to have been both a thrilling and nurturing experience. It is has allowed you to create connection with a lovely male human, laugh a lot and also learn a new skill. Who would have thought that drawing a naked man would be so easy with a bit of help? Fantastic. This is how memories should always be made!”

Other successful hostesses have also been glowing in their praise:

Jess Spiteri 28, a marketing manager at KWP! hired Hens Party Adelaide for her bestie’s bachelorette party. The guests, who flew into Adelaide from all around Australia, ranged in age from 22 to 78. Jess chose to stage a life drawing hens party after deciding against options at both ends of the spectrum, like strip clubs or afternoon tea. “This was the perfect balance of fun, cheekiness and originality,” said Ms. Spiteri, an artist and content writer by profession. She confessed that the bride was nervous when she walked in and saw a shirtless waiter. My hen whispered to me, “OMG -my grandma is here!’” Ms. Spiteri said. but only after 5 or 10 minutes, everyone was laughing and loving it, especially the grandmother. About 20 minutes in grandma confessed: “I haven’t seen a naked and in 35 years and wow, it certainly is enticing.”

Life Drawing 7
Life Drawing 8

Marina Wrobel is another enthusiastic supporter of the Life Drawing Hens Party and told us that “many of my peers are into doing gym or yoga classes together, but to tell the truth going to the gym or doing yoga isn’t my kind of thing,”. Marina is a food critic from Prospect, Adelaide. Her maid of honor surprised her with a Hens Party last summer. “I was very opposed to a stripper, and I don’t like to be the center of attention. I had done a lot of drawing in high school and university. It was so much fun to be part of the audience, sitting there with paper and charcoal. It was down to earth with just the right amount of risqué.”

So now that you know a bit more about the concept we hope that are ready to experiment with a life drawing class of your own. If you are chasing a Hens Party Idea that is stimulating, social and classy then the Life drawing is the perfect choice for you.

If you find the usual 5-10minutes stripper experience to be rushed, a bit gross, maybe confronting and not such a good value for money, you now have the perfect alternative to give your guests a great experience that is just a bit out of the ordinary.

You can spend 90 minutes immersed in the ancient art of life drawing, in the company of your friends and a gorgeous, respectful male model, guided by our experienced art teachers. You will have a lot of fun with your besties, while learning a new skill and maybe also learning something about yourself and getting rid of a few inhibitions.

Let’s be honest, this is how you make memories that last a lifetime.

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