Decorations. Now I know what you’re thinking. Christmas, baubles, children’s birthday parties… mess. In the past, ‘decorations’ to me meant tweety bird cake ornaments that got pulled out for every childhood birthday and then briskly returned to the back of the cupboard. Needless to say, not the best image. But decorations aren’t just meant for holidays, and they don’t have to look cheap and tacky (or be partly melted from their close proximity to candles). Just think of weddings! The event of a lifetime that currently your hen is planning, organising, fretting about and anticipating. Decorations are absolutely key. From the colour of the ribbon on balloons to the intricacies of floral arrangements, the event revolves around decorations. But why only the wedding? If this is the expectation for her special day with her man, surely your hen deserves some decorations for her special day with her girls. Beautiful, well thought out and well-crafted decorations set the perfect atmosphere and will make her feel so appreciated.

Decorations are all about enhancing a space and making it unique. Shift the beautiful but empty space of a hired venue and create something unique that shows the hen your thought and dedication. If you need some great ideas for venues, check out some of our friend’s spaces whom we’ve partnered with to offer great value and fun packages. Decorations are also a great way to alter a personal space (like a house or garden) into a place to throw a party, setting the fun, celebratory atmosphere before the event even begins!

Before you start planning your decorations, you should think about the atmosphere you want to create. The atmosphere is so important when designing a space for an event, and nothing helps more for setting the perfect mood than decor and embellishments. Just think of your favourite bar or dinner spot, it has a particular atmosphere which draws you to it and makes you feel a certain way. You can recreate exactly this feeling through decorations for your hen’s party.

Minimalism is out, and just like Donatella Versace, we hope it will never return. Don’t get us wrong though; we’re not saying you should go over the top. Often more is messy and comes off cluttered and overly busy, which is not the vibe that you want for your hen’s party. The only time more is more is with cocktails, am I, right ladies. Even though we don’t think more is always more, we believe that a bit of decoration is always better than none if done the right way. You just need to find the perfect decorating balance to master the sleek and classy yet festive vibe.

Now don’t misunderstand us, we don’t mean you need to throw rainbow confetti around willy nilly. Although as this past Pride month demonstrated, it does look amazing. Decorations should be tailored to the hen. What are your hens’ favourite colours? Does she enjoy thoughtful detailing?

Colour Scheme

The colour scheme of a party’s decor is critical, and we would venture probably the most important aspect of the decorations. Planning out a colour scheme will make matching all the decorations a breeze. Most people don’t like an overstated colour scheme as it takes away from the hen and all her guests and maybe a bit overwhelming. But again, decorations are all about the hen, and of course, you know your hen best, and if that’s what she’ll love, then splash out the bright colours and get to work. The trending colour pallet of 2019 is pastels in pink, gold and white, with touches of red and some added foliage/ floral arrangements to make the space seem more natural. Another of our favourites is boho chic, with wooden crates, tree stumps, blankets, string and fairy lights. The great thing about this theme is it’s a great excuse to pull on some old overalls and get creative. Mixing textures is definitely encouraged as is mixing hues (try contrasting metallic and matte it looks fantastic). Try and pick just a few complementary shades and work within these colours when choosing your decorations.


A staple of the decoration scene, balloons have been around since the dawn of the party, dating way back to the stone age when people would blog up sabre tooth squirrels and dance around the campfire, heralding their hen (or so I assume). No one dislikes balloons; it’s a fact of life. They’re fun, festive, celebratory and beautiful (if chosen right). Personally, we here at Hens Party Adelaide love balloons which have a unique flare to them (rather than just the typical oval shape). And let’s be real, why only have a few balloons when you can have dozens? Bobbing at the top of the room, or bundled together as a balloon arrangement, they could not be more suited to a hens party. We’ve done the research, so you don’t have to, and specially selected a range of affordable and magnificent balloons and other decorations which are sure to get your guests in the mood to party. We’ll happily bring them to your hen’s party if you book one of our fabulous activities. Or if you’re just looking for decorations shop here.



Now, ladies, we all know, and love, that perfect Instagram post. One where everyone is looking banging, the background is beautiful, and the light is making the shot glow. With this scene, you don’t even need to add a caption because the photo itself is stand-alone. Creating a corner or stand at the party that is a concentration of the curated decorations, filled with balloons, flowers, confetti, lights, food and drink, or anything else, creates a perfect backdrop for photos of the hen and all her guests on the night. Forget road rules, here at Hens Party Ideas Adelaide we strongly believe that the sole and most important function of signage is to create that perfect photo. Why go to the effort of writing a small caption in the bore that is calibri body font when your hen can stand, glowing, in front of a beautifully crafted sign stating ‘miss to mrs’ (which you can purchase here). Your bride-to-be cannot help but be head over heels in love with it.

Small Detailing

Now decorations don’t just start and end with the venue. Everything can be tied into the theme including decorations for the hen and her guests! Us at Hen’s Party Ideas Adelaide love when our ladies throw on a sash. Cute and classy a ‘bride to be’ sash for the hen and ‘team bride’ sashes for her guests establishes the group as one of importance, and more importantly, are super fun to wear! Ever wanted a tattoo (or a new one)? Whilst we don’t advise getting one at the party, we do fully endorse sticking on a hen’s party-themed temporary tattoo! Your hen will love all the support and love you show her.


Whatever direction you decide to go in for your decorations we’re sure your hen will love them! Just remember to plan ahead and get creative, this is a great opportunity to let your imagination and DIY skills run wild. Check out our online store for some more ideas and complimentary products! Feel free to contact us here if you have any queries or call us up on 0410 767 869 to book a party!