Nothing symbolises a wedding celebration quite like a gorgeous abundance of flowers–traditionally used at marriage ceremonies as markers of chastity, fertility and good luck but transformed in contemporary times to stand for overflowing happiness and passion. At Hens Party Adelaide we like to consider the pre-wedding symbolism of blooms by making them the centre of one of our most fragrant, beautiful and popular hens party packages: the flower crown-making workshop. We have a workshop package to fit all tastes and interests, but what’s more, we understand that gathering to make flower crowns on this special day before the Big Day has a significance all of its own. Hens’ parties are meant to celebrate the bride to be, but also celebrate friendship, beauty and enduring bonds between guests. Flower crowns reflect all these qualities and much more, which is why planning a hen’s party around creating them is so very special.

By combining hens’ parties with glorious floral art, we feel that we are tapping into something especially creative, feminine, meaningful and celebratory. However, you identify, whatever your interests and ways of expression, coming together as hens to celebrate your bride-to-be by creating gorgeous flower crowns is an amazing bonding experience that conjures up historical and even women-focused gatherings. Some of the traditions of flower crowns are fascinating, especially if you consider how enduringly popular flower crowns are, even today.

Flower Crown
Flower crowns in history

While flower and foliage crowns were used in Ancient Greece in special god-centric ceremonies and worn by victors of different feats, such as traditional Olympic games, the narratives behind flower crowns shift from culture to culture. In China, flower crowns for weddings are traditionally made of orange blossom, a particular symbol of fertility; in Sweden and other parts of Europe they are worn at Midsummer festivals in celebration of nature and the season, as well as to connect with pagan societies. In many South Pacific and Polynesian island cultures, flower crowns or wreaths are bestowed upon guests as a sign of welcome or of peace.

You might even say that by booking a flower crown making workshop for your next hens party, you are evoking a Wiccan rite of female bonding with each other and with nature, in a revamped hippy or bohemian music festival fashion, or maybe in homage to Frida Kahlo, who had her own intriguing reasons for wearing and painting flowers for so many years (no, we won’t spill all the details — look it up for an interesting conversation starter, perhaps at your hens party!) Furthermore, the circular shape of the flower crown represents eternity–a fitting symbol to reflect hens party friendships or even the bride to be’s big day.

Flower crown making
Flower crown making

At Hens Party Adelaide we have expert floral arrangers to advise on seasonal flower selection, colour scheme and symbolic ‘language’ of flowers, with many cultures according meaning and emotion to particular blooms. Bespoke flower crowns, like the ones taught in our workshop packages, can also be made and used to adorn the bridal party–and are a particularly popular choice for bridesmaids and flower girls, naturally! Truly, no two flower crowns are exactly alike and so they are a great option for an easy way to express the personality of the creator and their own personal flair, or interpret the style of the special person they’re being created for.

However much or little you want to incorporate flower crowns and their history into your hens party, it’s important to know and identify what works for you. The advantages of booking a flower crown making workshop for your hens party or one you’re organising for your hen are numerous: the workshops are a great way to encourage and include guests of all ages, even those who might not be keen on partying hard or going for a pub crawl as hens party tradition might dictate!

Sitting together, learning and making creative decisions for flower crowns that reflect tastes and personalities is an excellent way of bringing guests together, prompting talking, laughter and sharing of stories and ideas. This is especially beneficial if you are planning to invite guests who may not know each other that well–a collective crafty hens party is one of the best ice-breaking formats we know, along with our beloved hens party games. Our flower crown making workshops are designed so that the hen and party guests don’t need to worry about gathering materials or supplies–we provide everything in one of our three tailor-made packages so that all you really have to do is plan what kind of flowers you might want to provide for guests to select. Even in that, our workshop facilitator and florist instructor will be there to help.

Flower Crown workshop
Flower Crown workshop

That’s why we offer a range of packages to suit different levels of interest as well as budgets. Just as flower crown making is truly personal, so are our workshops. If you are looking for a creative and immersive experience to suit all experience levels try our bronze package. This includes the necessary elements of a flower crown kit and a range of gorgeous fresh flowers and foliage to use to create your bespoke floral crown. Best of all, we provide a friendly, expert instructor to talk you through the process of flower crown making step by step. If you are looking for a more varied flower crown making workshop, you might want to consider our silver package. This includes all the elements of the bronze package but with some added activities: the silver package allows you the option to make a luscious flower crown out of a richer range of fresh and dried flowers and greenery, or a sophisticated fascinator if your tastes run that way. The silver package also offers more in-depth instruction with 120 minutes dedicated to your hens gathering by one of our lovely floral experts.

Finally, our gold package offers an even greater level of workshop luxury. Like the silver package, our gold gives you the same amount of time with a dedicated instructor but also includes a few indulgent extras like champagne, bespoke event styling with customised table decorations, colour scheme and event photography. When booking the gold package, you are giving your hen and party guests the options of learning the art of making a flower or half-moon crown or a gorgeous fascinator, with the addition of take-home instructions and materials so you can develop or recreate your headpieces beyond the hens party workshop. Like all of our workshops, we offer a range of locally sourced seasonal flowers, but with the gold package, your guests can avail themselves of a customised range of blooms, foliage and dried floral items. A wonderful thing about our gold package is that it provides a chance to practice crown making and floral arrangement for your hen’s wedding day

Flower Crown workshop
Adelaide Rockford Hotel

If you are thinking of taking the hens party out of home, consider the spacious, light-filled Art Logic Gallery with its garden area to continue the floral and botanical theme of the crown-making workshop. If you wish to embark on a flower crown making workshop in proximity to a classic Australian bar, we recommend the Cumberland Arms Hotel, or the Cumby, a beautifully renovated Adelaide city pub with a range of indoor and outdoor spaces to choose from. The Adelaide Rockford is another city venue with an edge of glamour that you might want to select if your flower crown making workshop is part of a hens party line-up that continues into the evening. We wouldn’t want you to waste the Rockford’s rooftop pool and city skyline views–which would make a stunning background to complement your flower crowns, especially at sunset.

For some pre-workshop information, we were inspired to search for different vibes and looks not only for flower crowns but for overall hens party style profiles that often translated to wedding day themes.

If you are into a bohemian look, the recommendation is for classic or Easter daisies; a tropical theme might incorporate hibiscus and frangipani; if you are planning a beach ceremony, native marine grasses and plants just might be for you!

During our flower crown making workshop, our florist instructor will be able to answer your questions and guide you when it comes to choosing flowers that work with both your hen’s wedding day theme, personality and the seasons. If you are really keen, however, there is so much inspiration available online after just a quick search. The possibilities for design are truly endless, but as works of art, the flower crowns and styled looks are simply stunning to scroll through and admire.

Flower crown making
Flowers Hens Party Ideas

Whatever package you choose for the hen’s party you’re planning, as well as providing you with careful guidance in flower crown making, we at Hens Party Adelaide emphasise the bonding experience of creativity for your hen and all your guests. The hen’s party testimonials and photos on our website already speak to how much the flower crown making workshop has been a hit with parties past–the feedback ranges from everything from the energy that creatively working with flowers gave to the party, the selection of freshly picked and dried flowers, the instruction from our workshop florists, and the fact that each guest had a beautiful memento to take home with them from the party. After your hen’s party flower crown workshop, the creativity, fun and bonding continue when it’s time to take a photoshoot of everyone wearing their gorgeous creations and evoking their inner goddess. This evokes the retro practice of ‘floriography’ when models were photographed and adorned with flowers that reflected a particular characteristic of their personalities. Wonder what’s the floral symbol for a hen?

Like so many of our hens party activities, flower crown making is about encouraging self-expression through the beautiful art of floral arrangement and adornment. We at Hens Party Adelaide are excited by the idea of planning a flower crown making workshop in conjunction with one of our other amazing art activity packages for your hens party. Think of planning your hens party with welcome drinks and ice-breaking games, a session of life drawing with one of our handsome and charismatic male models, a delicious lunch and an afternoon session of flower crown making.

Whatever tier package you choose and however you’d like to plan the flower crown making workshop as part of the special event for your hen and her guests, we are here to help and discuss options.

Contact us via the easy form on our website, give us a call on 0410 767 869 or email the team at We’d be blooming and stoked to hear from you!