Hen party goodie bags are so much fun to put together and really show the bride-to-be and her guests how much you appreciate them. They’re not essential, so don’t worry if you don’t think you’ll have the time to get them done, but they are a really lovely touch (and can provide a lot of entertainment). 

Here are some of our top hen party gift bag ideas, including both the bag itself and the party fillers! 

The Bag 

Now first thing’s first: the bag. We use the term ‘bag’ here loosely but basically the first step is choosing what you will actually put the hen’s party gifts in. Using a bag is classic (they are party bags after all), but to stand out from the crowd you could always put your hen party goodies in a box or basket.  

You really are spoilt for choice with the many unique and beautiful hen’s party gift bag ideas. You could pick ones made from card or paper that will probably only last the journey home, or you could go for something reusable like a tote bag. We’ve already mentioned boxes but again, what material are you after. If you’re feeling extra creative you could even decorate some boxes yourself! Beadaholique explains a bunch of techniques and ideas for decorating boxes here.

Here are our top hen party goodie bags:

  1. ‘Team Bride’ Floral Rose Gold Paper Bag 

We love the floral detailing found on these ‘Team Bride’ gift bags, along with the rose gold detailing! If you’re having a spring hen’s party, or your bride-to-be just loves flowers these are a must! A big plus is they’re very affordable and available to purchase here. 

  1. ‘Bride Squad’ Black and Gold Tote Bag

Putting your hen’s party gift bag fillers in something a bit more substantial is a loving touch and a beautiful memento of the event. Your hen and all her guests can re-wear and reuse the bag whenever they want! Here at Hens Party Adelaide we love these black and gold ‘bride squad’ tote bag available here! The downside, however, is that they are a bit more expensive, however, you could always talk to the guests and see if they were willing to contribute a bit of money themselves (after all who wouldn’t want one of these if they had the option?).  

  1. Drawstring Canvas Bag

Now if you know anything about the team here at Hens Party Adelaide, you’ll know we LOVE custom designs. There’s a certain specialness to having something unique and made especially for you. That is why we fully endorse this custom hen do gift bag idea, which are especially suited to a smaller selection of goodies.  


Now for some fun accessories! As Yves Saint Laurent said “accessories are what, in my opinion, pull the whole look together and make it unique.” We couldn’t agree more! Here are our must-have accessories for your hen’s do party bag fillers. 

Of course the ‘bride to be’ sash is a staple of every bachelorette party (and for good reason), but why should the guests miss out on the fun? Throw some ‘team bride’ sashes into your hen’s party bag to solidify your bride tribe! You can find them here.  

  • Headbands or flower crowns

Headbands are back in style thanks to our queen Mrs Prada (although in our opinion they never left) so have a browse at some of the funky hen’s party themed ones here and see if anything stands out. Flower crowns (fake or real) are also a beautiful addition although a bit more on the pricey side. Check out a selection here. Can’t decide on one? Why not try both with these gorgeous floral hen party themed headbands.  

  • Cheeky Earrings 

Everyone loves a good laugh, especially at a hen’s party, and we can guarantee these penis earrings will have everyone giggling. The perfect size to use as a hen’s party gift bag filler these earrings are a must-include. 

Temporary tattoos for the bride tribe… we think definitely! The hen and all her guests will have a blast sticking these all over themselves, branding themselves Team Bride for life (or at least until they next shower). 

  • Personalised Eye Mask 

If your hen’s party is lasting the whole weekend, why not throw in one of these personalised eye masks? This is something that will definitely be used after the hen’s night (because who doesn’t love an eye mask), and gives off some seriously luxurious vibes. 


Easy to make, penis shaped chocolates are a cheeky addition to your hen’s party gift bag. Purchase this penis mould tray here, and then melt some chlorate and voila, you’re set. You could even add some sprinkles if you’re feeling creative!  

If you wanted to go for something a bit less naughty, small bags of maltesers or freddo frogs are a crowd favourite and still provide that much needed sugar hit to give your guests the energy to go all night! Otherwise, mini bottles of spirits (another crowd favourite) are always appreciated. 


Adding a couple everyday essentials provides a nice touch and shows the guests you really care about them. We recommend including:

  • lip balm 
  • Hair ties and bobby pins 
  • Makeup wipes 
  • Shot glasses 

For Hangovers

Hangover hen do kits are trending at the moment and for a good reason. We’re all starting to realised how important health is and strive to keep ourselves (and our loved ones) balanced and healthy. Now healthy doesn’t necessarily mean strictly eliminating alcohol or going to bed by 9pm every night, having fun is an important part of being healthy too. The key to being healthy is listening to your mind and body and making decisions that are right for you. That being said, there are always ways in which you can minimise the damage caused by, perhaps, more soul-benefitting decisions (like hitting the town for your best friends hen’s party) on your more physical health. 

Throwing in a couple of hangover helpers into your hen’s party gift bag is humorous and will be much appreciated by your guests (believe us). You could create a whole separate hen’s party survival kit (we love these personalised survival kit bags available here), or just add a couple of things to the main party bag. We suggest including: 

  • Berocca 
  • Panadol 
  • Bandaids 
  • Tissues 
  • Mints
  • Wipes
  • Hand sanitiser
  • Toothbrush 


  • Less is more, we’ve suggested a lot of things but there’s no need to include them all. Pick and choose what you think is most suited to your own unique hen’s party!
  • Party bags should be cheap, don’t feel the need to extend your budget to incorporate them
  • Gift bags are fun to make! So why not make a day of picking out the hen’s party bag fillers and putting them together with the bride tribe? 
  • Avoid products that will be thrown out that same day (and single use plastics) and try to opt for things the guests will appreciate and can take home with them 


We hope we’ve kickstarted your planning with some of these hen’s party gift bag ideas! Deciding on party bag fillers can be hard but keep your hen in mind and you’ll be fine. If you’re interested in booking one of our amazing Hens Party Packages, or just if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us on 0410 767 869 or email us here.