Whatever style of hen’s party you’re thinking of throwing for your hen and her crew, there’s one tradition that should definitely not be abandoned: hens party games! Not only are hens party games a whole lot of fun, but they are also the ultimate ice breakers, encouraging all guests to start getting to know each other, divulge and share stories, and celebrate their hen. Games are always a brilliant way to kick off whatever other hen party capers (for example: our Casino Royale package) or entertainment (Topless Waiter, anyone?) you have planned.

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What’s more, gone are the days when hens party games only involve sex and/or dick themes. Cheeky is always in fashion, but tacky is not — particularly if your hens party includes guests of different ages, genders, orientations, and backgrounds. Let us take you through a fun and fabulous selection of games suggestions to spark your imagination and sense of play for your next hen’s party.


If you’re throwing a party, there’s sure to be some drinking and talking involved, so why not work a game around what comes naturally? This game takes a small amount of preparation but really does get hens party guests sipping, mingling, and chatting. Here’s an idea – just come up with some one-word conversation topics — from serious to frivolous or even a mix — and write or type them out to fit on the bottom of a tumbler, wine, or champagne glass. When you distribute the first round of welcome drinks at the party, make it clear that once everyone finishes their drink, they must start talking to the guests nearest to them about whatever subject they see at the bottom of their glass. Just remember that condensation may interfere with your labels and use stickers or laminate to make your icebreakers remain readable. Sit back and watch as the conversations unfold, and the drinks disappear.

Another, if slightly more complicated, hens party game involving drinks is a creative Cocktail Making Competition. Assemble an array of concocting equipment and ingredients including glasses, shaker, liquor, mixers, ice, and garnishes and have inventive guests shake or mix up an experimental tipple. It really is amazing to see what inventions people can come up with, especially if they follow the pull of their own taste buds and inspiration from the gathered ingredients. Of course, the bride-to-be will sit in and sip as judge on these creations. You could even consider making the first prize the Hens Party Adelaide’s classic cocktail making kit to stir up more cocktail creativity.

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If cocktails aren’t your style, you might want to organize a game of Prosecco Pong, a more grown-up version of beer pong, a student party tradition hailing from the US. To set up the game, assemble in a triangular arrangement six plastic cups (we don’t recommend crystal champagne flutes!) half-full of your favourite bubbly at either end of a long table. Next, divide your hen party guests into two teams and arrange them at either end of the table, too. The teams then takes turns to throw or bounce ping pong balls into the opposing cups of Prosecco. If the ball finishes up inside the cup, someone from the other team needs to drink its contents–how much depends on how long the game lasts. A different version of Prosecco Pong is Bra Pong, which uses upturned bra cups in place of plastic and wine served separately, but the same concept applies.

Another hen’s party drinking game, ‘Drink If’, is a simplified variation of the classic ‘Never Have I Ever’ and is an excellent game choice for the chilling out phase of the party. ‘Drink If’ rules are simple: one guest reads out a list of scenarios and the rest have to take one sip of their drink if they can identify with the described scenario. The trick is for the organizer to arrange a combination of standard and cheeky statements and time them, so the guests are kept on their toes and laughing. For example, ‘Drink if you have blue eyes’ followed by ‘Drink if you’ve had sex against a wall.’ Although you might want to tailor your questions to what you know about your audience, what makes ‘Drink If’ a hit is the element of surprise when you see who among the party drinks to what!

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If simple is your style, you might want to consider some hen-centric party games, which puts the bride-to-be directly in the limelight — practice for the big day, of course. Hand out some slips of paper and pencils and ask every guest to anonymously record their favorite memory, anecdote or even first impression of the hen. Gather the papers together in a hat or bag and present them to your hen, who, as she reads them out loud for the partygoers, must guess who wrote what. This game is one of our faves because it doesn’t require a lot of equipment or accessories and, depending on the kind of stories, can bring about a range of emotions from tears to bouts of hilarity: all the while reminding everyone how special your hen really is.

On the other hand, this game can be altered so the hens party guests come under focus. With paper and pencils, encourage your crew to write down something specific about themselves that the bride-to-be might (or might not) know! This can range from ‘My brother is the groom’ (kind of a giveaway) to something more elaborate like ‘I used to live in New York.’ Compile the slips, read them out to the party and get the hen to guess who’s who. This interesting and revealing party game is a fantastic opportunity for guests to know that much more about each other.

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Just as simple is a game of hen-centric true or false. Before the day of the party, get some of your crew together — we recommend besties, close relatives, and maids/matrons of honour — to compile a list of statements about your hen, some of which are weird, wacky and true and others just tall tales. During the party, get your guests together to guess what’s true or false about your hen as you read the statements out loud. The results can be amazing and hilarious as everyone puts their knowledge of the bride-to-be to the test.

Kisses for the Missus is one party game we recently came across that we think combines all the good things, including a lovely keepsake for the bride-to-be. Like so many of our hen’s party games suggestions, this one is simple: distribute some pretty paper or index cards, have your guests plant a lipstick kiss on their slip and write a message for the bride on the back of their paper pout. This can turn into a brilliant guessing game for the bride if you supply a set of new lipsticks for guests to try out (and perhaps keep as a party gift) and have your hen try to match the kiss to the kisser without reading the signed message on the back. Once the game is over, collect the slips for the bride to read, keep and treasure as a memento of her hens’ night.

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When it comes to hen’s party games, why not stick with tradition? Some games a tried and tested because they always get great participation and results. Classic kids party games like Pin the Tail on the Donkey can be quickly updated, if you’re handy with a printer and photocopier, to Pin the Veil on the Bride or Pin the Trunks (or Junk) on the Hunk. Simply think of your theme, source the right images, and reproduce at the desired size for some retro fun. You can also tweak Pass the Parcel for a hit hens party game by layering the standard parcel with an array of guest-appropriate prizes like small items of make-up, chocolate, even the occasional naughty toy.

We also like the idea of a wedding-themed game of Charades. It’s just like the traditional miming game in teams, only all topics of books, movies and activities must relate somehow to weddings. It’s easy to compile a list of wedding topics once you get started, but as always, your friendly internet search engine is there to help!

Depending on your venue, you can always broaden out your game field and even involve friendly strangers in your hen’s party games. Still on traditional lines, we stan the idea of a hen’s party Scavenger or Treasure Hunt because there are so many variations. You can divide guests into teams or keep them solo and assign hunt tasks as big, small, easy, or tricky as you like. We like the simple idea of getting everyone to find Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue in the most unexpected places and pooling them together. Don’t forget that you can always utilize technology and send the hunt task list to everyone’s phone or make it essential to get photo or video evidence of completed scavenger hunt dares. There are so many lists of fun hen’s party scavenger hunt checklists online — we particularly love this one as it’s both classy and detailed. Refashion it to your own liking and get ready for fun as the hen’s party becomes intent on treasure.

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If your budget is friendly enough, don’t forget that there are plenty of creative and enjoyable games that you can buy specifically for the occasion of your hen’s party. Check out these cute drinking game cards from Ruby Rabbit Hitched. Since we at Hens Party Adelaide love supporting local artists, of course we have searched long and hard on Etsy and can report that there’s a score of gorgeous hens party-themed printable card games and message templates to buy, download and print; there are also some penis-themed games you might want to explore and include for an added dash of naughtiness. Don’t forget to check out the Hens Party Adelaide shop for must-have hens night accessories to add some atmosphere to your games.

With all our experience in helping to plan and host amazing hens’ nights experiences, we know that while games are important, there’s a lot more to a successful party than selecting a few activities. If you really want your hens party to shine, just think about what kind of attitudes and emotions playing games evoke: games are meant to be fun and having fun is often about participating with an open mind and heart, a positive mood, and a lot of energy. Of course, playing games involves other people too and you’ll find that having a positive mood will infect other guests, in a good way! Part of making hens night party games a hit is to lead by example, whatever you are doing, wherever you happen to be, or what your budget is. In this article our suggestions run from sentimental to sociable, classy to cheeky, with alcohol and without. Whether you opt for games that focus on the bride-to-be and fellow guests or updates of some old classics, try to choose games that suit your guests but challenge and include them at the same time. The aim of the game–or games–is that everyone be enthusiastic, set a warm and fun-loving tone for each other and of course, the hen you’ve come together to celebrate.

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If you’d like to find more fun ideas, check out the sections on our website describing our packages, or our previous blog posts on all things hen’s party. Get in touch with our amazing team if you’d like more information, or if you have any suggestions for hen’s party games you’ve played in the past–we’d love to hear from you.