If you have never organized a large event in Adelaide before, planning a hens party in Adelaide can be fun. Planning is usually the responsibility of the maid of honor, but you can delegate it to your bridesmaids if you like. Some brides like to plan their hen party too – hey, whatever makes her happy, right?

You don’t always have to spend hen’s night in hilarity to put on a great party. Often, the bride wants to host a fun, intimate event in someone’s home with her closest friends. A hen’s party at home has a lot of benefits. Here we will discuss how to organize the best Hens Night for your Hen and how Hens Party Adelaide can help you in arranging a stupendous hen party in Adelaide.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Organise the Best Hens Night in Adelaide

Follow the below-mentioned steps to organize the best Hens Nights in Adelaide:

1. Start Planning

The first step you should take if arranging your BFF’s hen party has been assigned to you is to speak with her. Even though you probably want to keep the festivities a surprise, you should at least have a general notion of what the bride anticipates.

2. Create a Guest List

You already know who is attending the hen’s party if you fulfilled the first stage. Inquire about the guests’ contact information from the bride after you know who is invited. Make a spreadsheet to keep track of all the visitors’ names and contact information. If you don’t know who each visitor is, you might want to inquire with the bride about how she knows them.

As you organize the hen party, you can modify your spreadsheet with pertinent details about your visitors. You could, for instance, make a note of your guests’ payment status and their available dates.

Venue 1
Venue 2

3. Calculate Per-person and Total Budget

You should now be aware of the per-person budget if you answered the questions in stage one. By dividing the number of guests by the per-person budget, you may calculate your overall budget.

Once you are aware of your overall spending limit, you can begin determining what you can spend. Take into account the hen party’s accommodations, events, attire, refreshments, and transportation. Because every hen party is unique, you might need to take into account other factors not included in this blog post. Make sure to take into account whether the bride will pay for herself or whether the other members of the hen party will. Your hen party budget may be significantly impacted by this.

4. Arrange a Meeting and Share the Workload

You must coordinate your plans whether you’re organizing the hen party with the bride’s sister or her bridesmaids. You may not have to meet. Depending on what works best for you, you can text, call, or email each other.

Assess the bride’s preference for having one person make all decisions. Once you are aware of this, think about how you can all contribute. Everyone possesses a set of skills.

Make sure to assign once you’ve determined everyone’s strengths! Planning a hen party will be made simpler by splitting the workload. Don’t try to complete it all by yourself because it can be a significant task. Set up frequent catchups so you can inform one another of your progress.

5. Time to Invite the Guests

When you get to this point, you can send your guests their first email. In your first email, you should mention potential hen party dates as well as your estimation of the cost per person. Inform your guests if you anticipate that the budget may somewhat alter once you have received all the quotations.

Additionally, let your guests know what kind of hen party the bride prefers. Inform your guests, for instance, if the bride intends to spend the weekend in Adelaide. They must understand the broad scope of what they agree to, after all. Once you have received all of the responses, you should be able to schedule the hen party and determine your final guest count.

6. Time to Get Money from Guests

You will have to start raising money at this time to pay charges and begin paying vendors. You might choose to ask your visitors for payment in instalments depending on your per-person budget. Or you can determine you want it all at once.

Guests 1

Since you decide to ask for payments in instalments, you might want to think about informing your guests that if they confirm their attendance, you expect them to show up and pay the complete amount. The last thing you want is to have to pay for a hen party event out of pocket because five of your guests cancelled at the eleventh hour. Additionally, offer your visitors plenty of time to save up and pay you!

7. Book a Hen Party in Adelaide

You can begin organizing the hen party now that you are aware of the hen party’s date and the number of guests who will be attending. Coordinate with the other hen party organizers to decide what needs to be reserved. All the different things you’ll need to book should be on a list that you already have. And you ought to be aware of the style of hen party the bride desires. If not, go back to steps one and three.

Create a schedule and decide what you’ll do when. You won’t be hiring too many items this way. Now is the time to begin your search for the ideal hen party providers. You might now want to use our Adelaide Hen Party Supplies!

Arranging your hen party could be a protracted process. Just be sure to keep track of everything you’ve paid for, reserved, and scheduled so that you don’t forget. Once everything is reserved, tell your visitors the schedule and times. Inform them if they need to arrange for transportation. Additionally, if the bride knows about the hen party plans, let your guests know so they can keep their mouths shut.

8. Buy Hens Party Decorations

You might wish to get some entertaining hen party decorations as the party date draws near. Before you start spending money, find out if the bride wants any extras or decorations. If the bride wants decorations, think about whether or not she wants to be completely decked out. Or if she simply wants to don a few modest accessories.

Additionally, consider your theme and colour scheme. Would your bride prefer a retro hen party? Or does she like a traditional cream and gold colour scheme? Does she desire a floral headdress? Or simply do the whole pink thing? Visit Hens Party Adelaide Packages to locate the most stylish hen party décor and accessories, whatever she’s looking for.

9. Choose Your Hen Party Activities and Games

It’s possible that your bride doesn’t want to play hen party games. Ask her first. Hen parties are fun! These can help break the ice and make the party start. Games and hen party fun activities such as  Life Drawing, and Drag Queen Life Drawing can be super fun.

During the hen party game selection process, consider the amount of time you want to fill as well as the suitability of the games for all your guests. The bride’s mum and grandmother may attend the hen party, so you may want to save the more frivolous games such as Paint on the man and Topless waiter for later after they’ve left. Each hen party is unique. Be sure to ask the bride for

10. Ask for Song Suggestions and Make a Playlist

Play your best friend’s favourite tunes to get the party going! Asking your visitors to recommend a song is a terrific idea. In this manner, you can be sure that everyone will appreciate at least one song. We advise putting together the playlist a week or more before the hen party. Remember that it can take longer to make than you anticipate, so allow plenty of time.

Life Drawing Fun 2

11. Send Final Invitations

You have probably sent and received emails from your guests multiple times by this point. They should all have paid you and be aware of all the hen party specifics.

We advise sending a final email to every person on your guest list because there is a great deal of information to process. This email serves to remind them of the time and date as well as any special items they may need to bring. Additionally, you might kindly remind them of the location and any other pertinent details.

Ensure your hen party attendees have your phone number so they may call you if they require assistance on the big day. By expressing your excitement to see all of your visitors, you can start creating a buzz. Inform them if the hen party is a secret. The surprise shouldn’t be ruined at the final minute.

12. It’s Hens Party Time in Adelaide

Yay! The hard efforts have come to an end. Everything was planned by you. All that is left to do is put your plan into action and make a cocktail.

Have a folder containing all the confirmations and receipts for your hen party’s lodging and activities. Any phone numbers you might need for events or lodging should be written down. To know what you’re doing, we advise having your schedule close to hand.

There really shouldn’t be anything to do after the hen celebration. Make sure to have fun, though. Make sure you enjoy yourself because the bride will, too!

If you want to get rid of the trouble of planning and organizing a hen party in Adelaide, then Hens Party Adelaide is all you need. Hens Party Adelaide has several packages to make your hen’s party memorable. Contact Hens Party Adelaide today for an amazing Hens party.