Life drawing is the perfect activity for any occasion and people are starting to notice that. Life drawing, where you get to sketch a live, typically nude model is trending in Adelaide and all over Australia. As always, we’ve kept our eye out so that we can report back to you with the best inspiration. So here are some of the occasions we’ve found for you to use as an excuse to whip out your pencils and paints and try something new that’s sure to get you laughing.

On a first date.

This coming Monday we’ll be doing a private life drawing and cocktail making session for hit107.1’s Bec’s blind dates series where they send two listeners on a blind date.

We all know first dates can be nerve-racking so why not use life drawing to break or rather smash the ice. Life drawing is the perfect date activity because it gives you a common goal and activity to focus on, but still leaves you time to chat and get to know each other.

If you haven’t studied art, life drawing could get you both out of your comfort zone so you’re more likely to have some fun giggling and interesting discussions rather than the all too common awkward first date conversation or worse still silences.

Hens Party Adelaide also offers body painting parties. Brooke Burton and Nick “Honey Badger” Cummins partook in a cheeky and entertaining body painting session in the Bachelor where half a picture was painted on Brooke’s chest and she painted half a picture on his. Then they got to stand together in front of a mirror and admire their masterpiece. You could do the same at one of our life painting ‘Paint on the Man’ parties.

On a group date.

Just last night on The Bachelorette, Angie Kent (the bachelorette) was thrown a magnificent life drawing hen’s night by her best friend. The brave and extremely handsome contestant Ciarran offered his naked body to model for the bachelorette and the other male contestants and boy did he impress. Everyone had an absolute blast (especially Angie) getting to know him a little more intimately and drawing his gorgeous body.

On the last season of the hit series the Bachelor the gorgeous Matt the astrophysicist took his 10 girlfriends on a life painting date. The great thing about doing something that you’re not good at is that with some support from an instructor you can just let loose and have fun. W find that at our parties almost everyone initially is convinced they’re hopeless but by the end of the party there impressed by what they’ve drawn or painted.

However we understand that you may not have 10 potential suitors who are keen to go on dates altogether and fight for your love, so instead why don’t get your best coupled-up friends together and enjoy a couples night out.

For your 60th birthday.

Just because you’re turning 60 doesn’t mean you’re doomed to only do boring things. If anything, the older you get the less f**ks you give about looking good and fitting in. So why not live it up with your girlfriends and have a handsome, naked man come to your party. You and your friends can admire, draw and have a great time with him. Here’s a photo from a 60th birthday party we’ve hosted; it was a blast.

For your office party.

Everyone’s over the boring office parties that are basically just knock offs. Spice up your work party and get to know a different side of your colleagues by going through the experience of life drawing together. It’s sure to get you laughing both at and with each other. The bonding that happens at our party is sure to have positive benefits in the workplace as well.

Here’s a life drawing staff party we hosted, everyone was surprised at how much they laughed and good their final outcome was in comparison to when they began.

For a friends day out.

Rather than just the usual hang out where you get dinner and a drink bond with your friends over a cheeky, hilarious new experience that’s sure to get you laughing till your jaws are sore.

And of course, we are called Hens Party Adelaide. We specialise in creating fun and cheeky hens parties. Hens night life drawing is one of our most popular packages and believe me, it’s for a very good reason.

If you’d like to chat with us about organising a life drawing party of any sort you can contact us at or 0410 767 869.