7 Myths About Life Drawing Hens’ Nights

If you’re looking for a hen’s party idea that’s more “outrageous” than a flower crown making class but less gross than a male stripper, the Life Drawing Class by Hens Party Adelaide is the perfect combination of classy and cheeky.

Based in Adelaide, South Australia, Hens Party Adelaide hires young, charming, attractive men for bachelorettes, birthdays, and girls-nights-out partygoers to draw and paint while they sip wine.

The Life Art Drawing class provides a 90 minutes private art class where a nude male model unbridles your and your friends’ creative sides by drawing him while having a charming topless waiter serving you a scrumptious cocktail, and as an added bonus, providing a relaxing on-demand massage! For brides-to-be keen to wave goodbye to the single life in with something a bit risqué but still tasteful doesn’t this sound like the perfect way to spend an afternoon or evening?

Last week, our team gathered at Chapel Hill an elegant, intimate winery located in McLaren Vale, 30km south of Adelaide, for a Hens Party, hosted by the lovely Amanda, where pads and pencils were neatly waiting for the guests on each seat—along with two of our gentlemen, specifically selected to fit with the dynamics of your group.

Chapel Hill Winery

Georgia Ecclestone, 30, an artist who had travelled from Canberra, ACT, for a friend’s hens party earlier this year told us:

‘Strippers can be an uncomfortable mix of too direct, yet impersonal. It makes for an awkward experience.  A Life Drawing puts paper between you and the naked person in the room and creates an opportunity for you to interact with the model, the art teacher (if you have requested one) and the waiters. It is a more complete, satisfying experience overall.’

The Hens Party Adelaide website promises an experience that makes everyone feel comfortable – even grandmothers and future mothers-in-law. The Team puts a lot of effort into recruiting men who are not just ‘handsome and charming’, but are also lovely, respectful humans who enjoy interacting with people.

One of their models Rhenan, 29, from Brazil, is an international student in Adelaide, majoring in Remedial Massage.

Before being hired by Hens Party Adelaide he worked as a security guard in Rio. When he’s not modelling for Hens Party Adelaide, he works in hospitality.

During the classes, he takes on different poses, while the girls explore different sketching techniques, like drawing with their non-dominant hand or sketching without taking their pencil off the paper.

‘The women like my curly hairs and my tattoos’ – Rhenan tells us.

After finishing their drawings, the women can pose with their model to take photos to remember the experience.

A ninety-minute life drawing party starts at only $40 per person with all art supplies included. There are options available to customize your experience to best suit your needs: An Art Teacher and Photography come for an extra $10 per person. Add an extra $20 per person and you will also have a gorgeous, attentive Topless Waiter serving you food while assisting with getting you sharp pencils or topping your glasses off during the session

Although it might be tempting, guests refrain from touching the model and photographing him while he’s naked. This makes him more at ease.

Sarah, one of the guests tells us: “A table of cheeses and chocolates was set out at Chapel Hill Winery for a little mingling before the art class and during a short break in between. And from the first sketch to the last pose, we had the best time in the sauciest, yet tasteful, way possible.”

And before you think it may be a bit too much for you or your group, read on to discover and chuckle about the three myths of life drawing:

Life Drawing Myth #1: “Looking at a naked man with my friends and family members is too embarrassing!”

It doesn’t matter how old you are— if there’s a gorgeous, charismatic naked model standing in front of you, interacting with you and all your friends, you will initially laugh and feel a little awkward. After all, it’s not an everyday occurrence. Some ladies initially blush or start fanning themselves with their drawing paper (let’s say it, there is always that friend at every party!). Also, initially, there is a lot of embarrassed giggling to be heard. But 10 to 30 minutes later everyone realises that this gorgeous young man is just another person to interact with and relaxes. Believe it or not, all these are very normal, human reactions. We guarantee, that your Hens Party Adelaide Model and Instructor are complete professionals who will do an amazing job of putting the group at ease and making the atmosphere fun and light.

The model always starts the session dressed and only slowly, playfully takes his clothes off.

And while it is full-frontal, complete nudity with nothing—again, nothing—left to the imagination, a sip or two of something sparkling helps any reservations your guests may have. At every party, we notice that after a while the nudity becomes normal, and everyone is well on their way to becoming famous artists—which leads us to the next point.

Life Drawing 1

Life Drawing Myth #2: “I can’t draw!”

Life drawing

Our Models and Art Teachers will take a few moments to walk you through the concept of each different drawing and technique, giving you all the required confidence along the way. It will be fun drawing with pencils, even if you haven’t done anything like that before.

There is a range of drawing styles on offer including some that involve group work, which is a nice way to mix it up and make everyone feel at ease. It also takes away the pressure of feeling that the person next to you is much better at drawing than you are! A game that our Models love playing is to have one round where everyone draws for a minute and then leaves their drawing on their seat and moves to the next seat, so everyone could have a hand in adding something artsy or funny to the drawing.

You can put the model in a setting too—girls love to draw him under the sea, on the moon, and there is always somebody who likes to put him in the bedroom, obviously! Each model chooses their favourite drawing, and the winners are given a photo with him—a total win-win!

Life Drawing Myth #3: “It has to be a ladies-only hens party.”

Even though Hens Party Adelaide hosts a lot of hen’s parties, the fun isn’t limited to only ladies getting married. They’ve also hosted bucks’ parties, birthday parties, anniversary parties, corporate events, and more celebrations for people of all sexes and ages. Have a bride’s man or man of honour, or a grandma who’s still young at heart? Bring them along too! Lots of straight and same-sex couples have also brought their partner along. (But if the guest of honour would prefer the nude model covered up a little, he’s happy to keep on a sarong.)

Life Drawing Myth #4: “The Hen will feel uncomfortable, not sure what her tastes are…”


The Team at Hens Party Adelaide knows that everyone is different, and we put a lot of effort into making sure that the tastes, wishes and preferences of each individual clients are met. Our event manager will discuss what the hens and friends will definitely like and what is best to leave off the list. Rest assured that all our life models, mixologists, topless waiters, and instructors are trained to be respectful of everyone’s tastes and they are always informed in advance by our managers about the preferences and expectations set by each client. That way you will always get what you ask for, no surprises!

Life Drawing Myth #5: “Guys that are into these jobs must be creeps…”


Not necessarily. Hens Party Adelaide puts a lot of effort into making sure that all candidates are selected according to specific criteria. While physical appearance is certainly one of the main features the Team looks for, it is not the only thing that is important.

Andreas, Manager at Hens Part Adelaide, shared his experience: “when assessing job applications and then interviewing candidates, we always strive to look at the bigger picture. We certainly look at skills and personal appearance. However, it is really important to understand what the personal circumstances of each candidate are, what are their goals in life and why would they love to work with us. Some people look to work with us because they need more money, however we can’t take them onboard until we make sure they are genuinely passionate about working in art and can interact with people respectfully. In fact, it is very common for us to have models and mixologists who have a professional career as a main job, and they freely choose to work with us on weekends because they love our organisation, and genuinely enjoy the element of social interaction and diversity that we can bring into their lives”

Jacqueline Mitchell, the business owner, shared with us her insight: “It’s hard to find good-looking men who feel comfortable getting naked and remaining relaxed and open enough to interact with a large group of women whilst without their clothe on. Finding such a person is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Our search for such men as shown the only 0.01% of lovely men are brave enough to get naked in front of more than 12 ladies. Of that 0.01% of men, only 0.001% are good-looking, charming, extroverted, sweet and respectful. If you dear reader know of such a man in Adelaide, contact us on 0432 924305 right away. We’ll shout you to a luxurious dinner for two as thanks.”

Life Drawing Myth #6: “Full nudity is gross”


Life Drawing 4

As always in life, it depends!

Perhaps it may be useful here to clarify what live art drawing is.

Life drawing, also known as figure drawing, is the act of drawing a living person. Normally this means drawing a nude model in real life – i.e., not from a photograph or from memory or imagination.

You may wonder: why has the model to be nude?

Perhaps the easiest answer here is that clothes aren’t alive. Looking at a living thing, and particularly a living person has a very different energy to it than an inanimate object. Capturing the life of the model is an important part of life drawing and this is better done without covering up the parts of the person with inanimate pieces of material.

Secondly, the human form is especially expressive and fascinating to us because… we are human beings!   Let’s be honest, nowadays we don’t get that many chances to appreciate all this in a non-sexual way, since it generally is covered up.

The third reason is about history. Not even the masters of old, from the Ancient Greeks to Leonardo da Vinci allowed this myth to be a limit to their creativity – and today we are all grateful to them for thinking that way! They clearly believed that sketching naked men and women was a good idea, and if it’s good enough for them…

Now be honest and ask yourself, when using this different lens, is full nudity really that gross?

Life Drawing Myth #6: “What if people other than my guests will know about me hosting a party to draw a naked man?”


That would be amazing, and you should definitely let them know!

Why? Because you don’t want to be stuck at Myth#6.

You can’t allow limiting thoughts or unjustified myths to deprive you and your friends of the enjoyment that only the life drawing experience can provide to you: a relaxing, classy social night with your besties, lots of fun, and the opportunity to possibly improve your drawing skills and definitely learn more about yourself.

Time for a celebration?

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