Most people have experienced working so hard on creating an event, whether it was your 10th birthday party or your latest office party. Most people have also experienced the subsequent disappointment that is people not showing up. We’ve been running events for over 7 years so we have a pretty good grasp on how to avoid this failure. Here’s our 5 steps to make sure that people attend your party:

1. Make the party stand out from others.

Now you might wonder “how can I do this”? The best way is to choose an activity that is new and exciting and that most people haven’t done before.

Everyone has been to that hens night where you awkwardly sit there for 15 minutes while a stripper gyrates his private parts in your face. And sure this is novel and exciting for the first time, but when you get around to your 4th hens, it becomes very passé and boring. This is because you don’t actually build a connection with the stripper. There’s no experience. It’s just a short strip, and then he’s off to gyrate in front of some other group of ladies.

The solution: choose an activity that is creative, classy and memorable. If you want the cheeky element, because after all, it is a hens party, choose an activity like Paint on the Man or Life Drawing. Both of these activities are a unique experience that most of your guests probably haven’t done before. And most importantly, they both have an element of cheekiness to them ? The models at Hens Party Adelaide are incredibly handsome and charming, and they create an experience that is engaging where your guests won’t be able to stop laughing.

Alternatively, if you’re looking to undertake more of a sophisticated activity Hens Party Adelaide has you sorted. We offer activities like cocktail making, flower crown making and dance parties which might suit you better!


2. Choose a cool location that’s convenient for everyone to get to.

Depending on where your guests live, this could be one of the bridesmaid’s homes, or it could be a venue in the CBD, which is an excellent middle-ground for everyone. Hens Party Adelaide works with all of the coolest venues in the city to offer great value prices on food, drinks and more!


3. Create a Facebook event that looks awesome

We’re living in the future where we make facebook events rather than sending out invitations by snail mail. They’re more convenient, quick and eco-conscious. Your Facebook event is a great way to make sure people know that this is an event they won’t want to miss while still giving them all the details they need. Here are some tips we’ve picked up over our years in events:

  1. Details, details, details! People love to know all the details.
  • Give them a schedule with time and activities.
  • Tell them how much they’ll be expected to pay for each activity.
  • Tell them what attire they should wear.
  1. Add lots of fun pictures! 

These could either be of the bride to be and your friendsquad having fun or maybe examples of what the activities will look like. You can browse and download photos for your event from our gallery of each activity we offer.

  1. Explain the activities!

 If you’ve planned a good hens party, you’ll be doing some exciting activities that hopefully some people have never done before, so explain what they are, in-depth! Get people excited by telling them all about the activity. You could even link them to the package page which has photos and videos of the activity.

  1. Emphasise that it’s essential for the success of the event and for the happiness of the hen that everyone comes.


  1. Tell them about the benefits of coming!

For example, if you’re giving out party bags, tell them! Or if lunch is included, get their mouths watering by telling them what kind of food they’ll be having. If the event is being photographed, let your guests know, people love to have photos to remember the day by!

For more tips and steps on how to create a Facebook event read this article.


4. Post in the Facebook event to build the hype.

In the weeks upcoming to the event post updates! Post photos, let people know about things you’ve organised get people hyped and excited for the day.


5. Message people!

Message or call people that haven’t responded to your Facebook event personally and ask them whether they’re coming! Let them know that you and the hen would love it if they came and get them excited about it by explaining what you’re going to do and how much fun it’s going to be.

6. Have fun! 

We’d love to help you plan the perfect hens party! To discuss the possibilities contact us or 0410 767869