A Unique Hens Party Idea: Flower Crown Making

Learn the secrets of DIY flower crowns at one of our flower crown making hens parties! Throw it back to your childhood fantasies of becoming a living garden nymph (or really just of making a flower crown that doesn’t immediately fall apart) by attending the best flower crown workshop in Adelaide! Our gorgeous, talented and lovely florist/ instructor Evie will teach you, your hen, and all her guests how to make a flower crown in distinct, easy steps. A perfect activity for any hen night from a boho hens party to a classy hens party, this non-traditional hen party idea is sure to be a crowd favourite.

But what exactly should you expect from the best flower crown workshop in Adelaide? We’ve laid out the steps for you below to share the procedure and the different hens party package options available.

Step One: choose the type of crown

Here at Hens Party Adelaide we appreciate individualism, and in order to cater to the uniqueness of each guest and the bachelorette we’ve made sure to organise with Evie three distinct types of flower crowns you can choose from.

  1. The Classic Crown

A simple floral crown, this DIY flower girl headpiece is timeless. You can be sure every fairy knows how to make one of these (and rocks it on a regularly basis) and you can too after the DIY flower crown workshop.

  1. Fascinator

A fan of the races ladies? Even if you’re not, fascinators are amazing and currently very on trend. Make yourself look inches taller with this classy flower crown. Tricker than the Classic Crown, this one is for ladies (or gents) looking to challenge themselves, but don’t worry our instructor will be there every step of the way to help guide towards creating a masterpiece.

 Hair Piece

This piece is the perfect DIY wedding flower crown as it’s just made to complement a veil! It adds an element of sophistication and beauty without overshadowing the wearer or distracting from their face. Again this one is a bit harder than the classic crown but definitely worth the energy.

Step Two: Materials to Make Flower Crowns

Now once you’ve decided on the type of crown you’re going to make you want to collect your materials. Lucky for you, in Hens Party Adelaide’s flower crown workshops we do all of that for you! The wiring, tape, glue, paints, and broad range of beautiful flowers are all sourced and provided by us and our instructor and florist Evie. It couldn’t be easier, just rock up and we will
guide you through the rest.


Step Three: Start Making

Here is where you get to let your creative juices run wild with this unusual hens party idea! Select from a variety of beautiful flowers and shrubbery, hand-picked by our florist, and start constructing your crown! Decide on a colour scheme beforehand or leave it all up to intuition, whatever you choose you cannot go wrong with any of our flowers.

Step Four: Rock Your Crown

It’s time to live your fairy dreams! Adorn yourself with your beautiful DIY flower creation and watch as the compliments role in. Don’t worry about the flowers eventually dying, Evie gives insider tips on how to keep your crown from wilting, as well as how to dry it out if you want to keep it (believe us they work, I still have mine dried and hanging from my window). Distinguish the bride tribe with your collective floral crowns if the hens night is continuing on and make sure to snap some pictures to show your friends and family!

The Different Packages

We understand that every unique hens night idea also comes with a unique budget idea, so we’ve organised our flower crown workshops into distinct party packages for you. You can choose what kind of floral crown making workshop will suit you and the bride the best by deciding on which types of headpieces you want and what kind of a variety of flowers you would like to choose from. The Classic Crown Package is the most affordable with the price going up for the other two more complex floral headpieces. The extravagance and type of the flowers and foliage also depends on the package you choose with different options available for different budgets.



This fun hen do idea can be easily transported to whatever your desired venue is whether its at home or in The Hilton. Our mobile flower crown workshop is unique, original, impossible not to love and can come to you! It’s a breeze to organise too, all you have to do is contact us and we will get everything sorted for you. We can arrange to come to you for an at home hens day in the garden (an amazing idea now that spring is well and truly here) or if you’re planning on hiring out a venue, we’re more than happy to set up and host the party there. If you’re looking for venues, Hens Party Adelaide have organised exclusive packaged deals with Art Logic Gallery, Richmond Hotel, The Adelaide Rockford,

and The Cumby, all of which offer great service, delicious food and good wine (take it from us).






Now catering is always tricky for any kind of party. You don’t want people to go hungry but serving full meals isn’t always the best (or easiest) option. In our experience, finger food, nibbles, and platters are the best hens party catering ideas.

Now don’t worry if that sounds like a lot of work, Hens Party Adelaide has teamed up with Bits N Bites Adl to bring you a variety of delicious grazing platters including a cocktail menu, sliders, meats and cheeses, salads, and even specialised boxes that cater to every kind of dietary requirement. Check out the packages here, or have a look at the catering options at your desired venue, we guarantee you’ll be drooling afterwards.



Why a Flower Crown Workshop

A flower crown workshop is perfectly suited to a number of different types of future brides and their guests due to how personalised each party is, as well as its emphasis on creativity and fun. It’s a great hen party idea for a large group, as everyone gets involved and can bond over the common activity. Evie ensures that every guest is comfortable and supported in making their diy flower head wreaths, guiding the activity as well as going around the room offering help. Floral crown making is also a superb classy hen do idea. There’s very minimal mess involved so people can get dressed up and match their real flower crown to their outfit! It’s an unusual hen party idea and can also be a great hen do surprise for the bride!

Book With Us

Flower crown workshop is one of the best hens party ideas you can find! Guests of all ages can come together and enjoy learning how to make their own personalised and unique floral crown. If you have any questions or want to book please don’t hesitate to call us on 0410 767 869 or send us a message through this page here.