Hens parties. The crème de la crème of events, the sparkling champagne to all other events’ house white. Probably why most women actually get married. Is there anything better than sitting back, sipping on cocktails and bonding with the women you love most in this world in celebration of a future union of love?

Our business owner Jacqueline Mitchell (an awe-inspiring women if we do say so ourselves) started this business with a desire to actively enrich the experiences of women by creating an accessible and fun way to share art and enjoyment through hens parties. Our business manager and director Samina Bak (another astoundingly hard working and lovely woman) works every day to keep this dream a reality for the women of South Australia. We have been, and will always remain, dedicated to art and dedicated to women.


Hens parties get a bad rap, they do, and potentially for good reason. Bachelorette parties filled with strippers, cheap liquor and bad decisions just don’t appeal to the populous anymore. The modern woman finds more enjoyment in different endeavours and wants to celebrate themselves in a way which reflects their own individuality. Women just don’t need a last night of freedom because marriage isn’t a form of imprisonment.


A New Age of hens parties is upon us. An age of vibrant, fun and entertaining parties which enrich and uplift those in attendance, whilst strengthening their relationships with their fellow women. Hens parties which are tasteful, creative and unique to the hen, and where the guests walk away with an elated spirit and beautiful memories. Here at Hens Party Ideas Adelaide we have been at the forefront of this new age for over six Years.


Now let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water here, we’re not saying that all aspects of the old hens parties are terrible. In fact, we think most of the traditional aspects have great potential, and we just want to see it used to the best of its ability. The old parties just didn’t go far enough in some regards, specifically, there needs to be more dancing!


All of us here at Hen Party Ideas Adelaide love to dance. We love the freeing sensation of getting down to a good tune and shaking our hips with our gal pals. We know the importance of dance as an art and we know how fun it can be, but we also understand that it’s not for everyone. Some people don’t feel they know enough moves or are self-conscious on the dance floor. This is why we’ve made sure we offer events where you, the hen, and all her guests can learn the skills of dance in a warm and encouraging environment through either our Bollywood Dancing Party or our Burlesque Dancing Party. Bust out your old moves and learn new ones with our delightful professional dance instructors. Our burlesque party is guaranteed to get you and all the guests out of their shells and feeling sexy, with moves made to enhance confidence and sensuality. The Bollywood package will get everyone spinning, stamping, and shaking, to traditional music with a dramatic beat, the sound of your hip scarf won’t be heard over the laughter. Both will get everyone on their feet having fun and the confidence and new dance moves you take away will last a lifetime.



Another aspect of the traditional hens party which we love are, of course, the men. But we’re modern, intricate women and a stripper just doesn’t cut it. We want a man who can charm us and engage with us on an intellectual level, while of course being drop dead gorgeous. This is why we take particular care in choosing our male models. They have to have a multifaceted personality; being charismatic, strong, engaging, encouraging and entertaining. We find that this is such an important aspect in setting the mood of the party and the happiness of the hen.


Something that we do believe is painfully absent from the old-style hens parties is creativity! Humans are artistic and expressive creatures. We get so much enjoyment and satisfaction from art so why not incorporate it into our hens parties!? All of our events here at Hens Party Ideas Adelaide have a social, engaging and creative focus. We love to see the hen and all her guests unlock their artistic and innovative sides together!


We’ve already mentioned our dance-centred parties but another (and very popular) hens party we offer will teach you, the hen and all the guests how to draw, sketch and appreciate the male form through Live Drawing. Let our gorgeous live model or our fun and bright professional instructor take you through the basics of live drawing, letting you in on special techniques over your favourite drink and a laugh. The hen will even get a chance to pose with our divine model and the guests, with their new skills, can immortalise her on paper. Our live drawing parties are a crowd favourite, all about the fun guests get to let loose whilst forming (or progressing) a creative outlet. We promise you’ll walk out the new Leonardo da Vinci (almost).

Similar, but distinctively different, to our live drawing parties are our Paint on the Model events. If your hen is more of a hands on type lady, this package is perfect for her. Why paint the model when you can paint on the model? The hen and all of her guests will have a ball interweaving their doodles and designs on our sexy and magnetic model. Having a hard decision between this and live drawing? Don’t worry! We’ve ensured that this party incorporates live drawing too so you don’t have to choose!


Hands up if you love a cocktail. Fair to assume that most ladies (including all of us here) would have enthusiastically thrown both hands in the air. But whilst we all love cocktails how many of us actually know how to make them? If your love for cocktails doesn’t quite match your ability to create them have no fear, we have the perfect solution. Our Cocktail Making Party will equip you with all the expertise you’ll need to know. Learn the tricks of the trade from our endearing (and topless) professional mixologist. The perfect ice-breaker, you, the hen, and all the guests will share laughs and banter over the mixing of your own drinks! And the best part? You get to enjoy the fruits of your labour! Don’t worry if one a guest is pregnant or doesn’t drink alcohol, we’re happy to provide ingredients for mocktails so everyone can join in on the fun!


The New Age of hen’s parties is here to stay so why not join the era? Hens Party Ideas Adelaide are more than happy to help you climb aboard. On top of the parties mentioned above we offer Rudigami (like origami only cheekier), Memory Table Making, Face and Body Painting (and makeup), and Female Live Drawing, as well as Topless Waiters you can hire for your event. Feel free to have a browse of the different packages here.

Don’t be shy! Contact us if you have any queries or if you would like to book a hens party with us. You can call us on 0410 767 869 or contact us here.