The hens night is one of the most important pre-wedding events. It sets the tone for the big day and introduces some of your guests and bridal party ahead of time. If everyone gets on well and all goes smoothly, momentum from the hens party can carry over to the main event, so having a fun & successful night can mean you’ll start one of the biggest days of your life on a high note! Make your hens night as memorable as your wedding day by hosting a cocktail class that your friends are sure to talk about for ages.

There are few things more fun than making drinks and enjoying yourself with your closest friends–unless you’re doing it the Hens Party Adelaide way: with a professional topless bartender. Then there’s nothing better! Learn how to mix restaurant quality cocktails in a fun, laid-back atmosphere. You’ll come away from the experience with a brand-new skill to use and lifelong memories of the top-notch entertainment.

You don’t have to have professional bartending experience to make a great drink–our bartender will teach you how. Each member of our team of topless bartenders is charming, engaging, professional, and guaranteed to keep your attention. This type of hens night is loads of fun for everyone and you can give it an especially amusing twist by curating a theme for the evening.

Read on for a few theme ideas for your hens night cocktail class!

Cocktail Making Class with Archer 1

Tropical Themed Cocktail Class

Transport your hen party to a faraway tropical paradise without taking it very far at all! For this theme, decor and dress code go a long way, even if you keep your party local. Host your event poolside with lots of beachy floaties and lush exotic florals. Get all the gals in matching Bride Tribe bathing suits and beach wraps and take photos in front of a palm leaf backdrop. You’ll forget you’re not actually on a destination vacation in no time!

Your Hens Party Adelaide bartender will help you take care of the DIY cocktails, so all you have to worry about is providing lots of lush fruit and easy finger foods like grilled kabobs, fresh salsas, and citrusy salads. Get a few drinks in and you’ll all be lined up for a limbo contest!

Color Themed Hens Night

Keep the theme general and incredibly photogenic by making it all about colors! This is quite possibly the most customizable hen party theme on the list. Using the bride’s wedding colors, a neon mix, all pastels, or a Pinterest color palette, go absolutely wild with pigment: balloons (arches, anyone?) in every hue, colored streamers, confetti, custom wine glasses, on-theme tableware, banners, etc. The sky’s the limit with this theme! Plus, cocktails are naturally colorful (and alcohol goes with everything) so integrating your cocktail class will be a breeze.

Not only is it oh-so-easy to mold a color theme to your tastes, it’s also accessible for just about any venue you choose, from a large hall to a friend’s backyard. If your bride is especially artsy, you may be inclined to host it in an art gallery. If she’s a night owl, let things run late at an outdoor venue and then light it up by coordinating the colors with glow sticks and light-up decorations.

For themed attire, give each of your guests a color to dress head-to-toe in (or have each invitee mix and match their outfit within the chosen scheme) and a dress code as well (i.e., casual, semi-formal, etc.).

Cocktail Making Class with Archer 2

It’s also super simple to apply this theme to your party fare as well! If you’re unable to find treats that match the design, it’s easy to make things a little brighter by adding a splash of sprinkles, spreading on colored frosting, or dipping in dyed white chocolate.

Complete the color theme with a DIY photobooth! The simpler the backdrop the better, as all the color is sure to pop against a blank canvas. Load up on cheeky props and customize a hue-themed hashtag for social media sharing. Don’t forget to let the group know so you don’t miss out on any photo ops.

Archer and bride dancing

Disco Themed Cocktail Class

Throw it back to a bygone era by channeling disco vibes for your themed cocktail class! Taking the theme of the party outside of the current era increases the novelty and will get your hens out of their comfort zone and prime them to have a perfectly memorable night.

Not only is it sure to create a lasting impression, but a disco themed hens party is also easy and fun to pull together in just a few steps! Once you’ve arranged the venue and cocktail class, simply add a few disco accessories, make a killer 70’s playlist, and ask your guests to come dressed as though they’ve time traveled back to party with Cher and Bianca Jagger at Studio 54. Bam! You’ve got yourself an instant disco.

Decor-wise, curating a disco vibe is simpler than it sounds, and how much decoration you need depends on your venue space. Channel the essence of this distant time by employing classic disco balls, iridescent and multi-color balloons, lava lamps, sequined or beaded curtains, 360° disco lamps, and peace motifs (all easy to find on Amazon)! If you want to go above and beyond (and if your venue has enough room), renting a light up dance floor will really cement the disco theme.

Bell bottoms, sequined tops and dresses, paisley, floral print, tie dye, jumpsuits, go-go boots and teased hair are all examples of fun disco-inspired outfits that your guests can wear. Pro tip: make an inspiration board and share it with your crew to give them helpful hints on adhering to the theme!

Brunch Cocktail Class

Who says your hens night has to actually be at night? It’s all about you, after all. If you can tailor the theme to your tastes, you can also tailor the time. This type of hens party is great for a laid-back bride-to-be! Instead of going out to brunch with your ladies, bring brunch to you, complete with a topless waiter and a DIY cocktail class.

Kick the event off with a bang by diving immediately into your cocktail making kits with your professional bartender. In between learning how to make drinks like Espresso Martinis, Cosmopolitans, Classic Daiquiris, and Mojitos, you’ll play a classic hens party game (or a few).

While you’re having fun mixing up alcoholic beverages, make sure your hens don’t get too peckish by providing a breakfast spread from our amazing friends at Bits N Bites Adl. They create extravagant grazing platters, party boxes, and more, all as aesthetically beautiful as they are delicious. Their large menu affords options for parties of any size and accounts for a wide range of tastes and dietary needs.

Once your gals are tipsy and full, get them off their feet and pamper them with one of the spa packages offered by our proud partner, Pamper and Parties of Adelaide. Choose from packages that include manicures, pedicures, and massages to make sure all of your guests feel their best long after the high of the party has worn off.

Brunch Hens Party

Because most of the focus is on the food and activities, you can do as much or as little as you wish for decor! Tasteful floral arrangements, bridal themed decorations, and the ever-popular selfie backdrop make perfect adornments to round out the brunch theme.

Start Planning Your Hens Night Now!

Your themed cocktail class is only a few steps away! Cocktail class packages start at $65 per person. Head over to our Cocktail Making page for more information and easy booking directions. Once you’ve booked your class, you can get started on arranging the theme, either from the list above or your own! Remember to tailor the party to the person it’s all about: the bride-to-be! Keep in mind that different brides have different tastes and preferences, and what sounds fun to the Matron of Honor may not be the bride’s cup of tea.

Need more help to pull it off? Hens Party Adelaide is your one stop shop for all things hens party related! Our team of specialists can help you plan the perfect hens night and make sure you have the time of your life. Check out our full offerings of hens party packages!