Topless waiters are the ideal addition to any hen’s party. Sit back, relax and let one of our handsome, sweet topless waiters serve you food and drinks, play games and give you shoulder massages. We hand-pick all our topless waiters so that they’re charming, respectful and charismatic. Topless waiters range in age from 20 to 45 – you can select the age that works best for your party. You can also choose if you’d like them in slacks and a bow-tie or if you’d prefer them g-stringed.


  • 1 topless waiter for 2 hours $300

  • 1 topless waiter for 3 hours $400

  • 2 topless waiters for 2 hours $600

  • 2 topless waiters for 3 hours $800

No minimum number of guests.

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We can host your life drawing hens party at your home or a venue you organise.  We’ve been running in SA for nearly ten years now, so we know all the best venues and people around town. If you need some help with finding a suitable venue for your hen’s party, here are a few suggestions:

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Why Topless Waiter?

They are doubtlessly eye candy, but in addition they have an important mission to fulfill. Their mission is to serve as icebreakers, to spoil you and to make your event flow smoothly. Their job is to follow your rules – females’ rule.

To quote one of our waiters: “Sure, looks are important to us but it’s our personality that seals the deal. What we offer is total pleasure and make sure we stick to women’s rules. For us the job is an ego booster as we are usually male at the party and when women drink they often become flirtatious. That’s what makes this job a little bit addictive; we do it for the fun it brings us. Look at it from our point of view, we get to serve food and drinks to happy women we get to play really funny party with all the girls and basically we just laugh the night away. Sometimes if girls get smashed it can be rather challenging, but that’s just part of the job.”

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