Hens Party Adelaide – a Team of Locals, based in Adelaide

What makes us different to other hens party businesses is the fact that we are local. We only offer parties in South Australia, not in other states. Other hens party businesses run parties in many Australian states. We’ve been staging hens parties, birthday and office parties for nine years. So we’ve been hosted by venues that are well suited for hens parties.

As Adelaide Locals we know the Best Hens Party Venues

Because our team is from Adelaide, we’ve had both the time and the opportunity to work with the best venues for a fun hen’s do taking into account the venues’ pricing, quality and location.

If you are looking for a suitable venue to host your hens party, here are a few suggestions that we recommend you to contact:

The Little Red Door:

Reform Distilling:

Duke of Yorke:

The Seven Stars:

Benjamin on Franklin:

The Highway:

For more ideas about venue / function rooms hire, we recommend visiting:

Or check our article here:


Things to Check for When Booking a Venue or Function Room:

Although we have stage many fantastic, successful parties at most of the venues above, it is always possible that their requirements may change overtime.

If you are booking one of the following packages:

  • Life Drawing
  • Paint-The-Man
  • Drag Queen
  • Burlesque

We recommend to always make sure that:

  • the venue accepts activities where full/partial nudity may be involved
  • the venue provides suitable spaces that ensure privacy of the model/performer. The ideal space should be accessible by your guests and our staff / venue staff only. The space should be enclosed and away from public view.
  • If outdoors, please make sure that the space where the model/performer will pose is away from direct heat and sunlight if in summer, or is heated if in winter.
  • there are suitable facilities (changing room, bathroom) on site to allow the model/performer to get changed before and after  the event. The changing rooms should ideally have direct access to the room where the event is meant to be staged.
  • If the above is not possible, please make sure a suitable changing room/space is available in the immediate proximity of the function room.

If you are booking a Cocktail Making Class, in addition to the above, please make sure that:

  • The venue will accept Hens Party Adelaide as the only supplier of the alcohol for the whole duration of the Cocktail Making Class (90 minutes).
  • No additional alcohol is  supplied by the venue during the cocktail-making class.
  • Should the venue not accept the above terms, we recommend that you host the Cocktail Making Class at a private home instead.

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