Are you planning to do something extraordinary for your Bridal shower? Then, it’s absolutely the best time to elevate your hen’s party ideas. It is because we have just the right deal for you that will not only make your hen’s party more fun or more exciting but it will also help add more laughter to your celebration. Now, you must be wondering what’s the real deal that we have been teasing from the start. Well, here is the reveal; Book a Drag Queen. Interesting, isn’t it?

If you are familiar with Drag Queens, you must be familiar with their joyful personality. But even if you are not, we are here to guide you through the idea of booking a Drag Queen. Therefore, in the article, we will navigate you through the reasons for hiring a drag queen to spice up your Hen’s party. Let’s have a look!

Reasons to book a Drag Queen for your Hen’s Party:

Women like nothing more than having a good time with their friends. But there are multiple ways through which they can enjoy their time together. And one of them is to organize a Hen’s Party. But out of these parties, one of the most anticipated ones is a Bridal Shower. Women love Bridal Showers not only because it’s fun but because it is a way through which they can unite to celebrate someone’s happiness. And to make it more fun and memorable, we suggest you book a Drag Queen. And here are some of the major reasons to do so:

1. A Drag Queen can bring life to your hen’s party:

If you are organizing a hen’s party at Adelaide and thinking of some new ideas to level up your party then you can book a Drag Queen, especially in the events like Bridal Showers, etc. It’s because you need something never-done before to make an event memorable and a drag queen will help you achieve it. Let’s take a Bridal Shower in specific, you usually have some games and ideas to make it not boring. But sometimes, it turns out contrary to expectations because of the same old stuff that you see in every other bridal shower.

However, it will not be the case when you have someone who’s meant to be there to elevate the meaning of fun for you. They will play games with you and tell you jokes and with their exceptional humour, you will definitely resist bursting into laughter. And surely you will make this event memorable for your guests too. Thus, you should try this idea.

Drag Queen Kissi 1

2. Drag queen life drawing:

Life drawings have always been a major source of fun at hen’s parties and Bridal Showers. But we all must agree that it’s a pretty predictable concept. And it’s because of the concept of hiring a model who just sits there with a pose and the guests start drawing them. That’s pretty much it. As a consequence, it can get pretty boring when all the guests are drawing the model while having an awkward silence. Not saying that it isn’t exciting and all but how about we give you a better idea?

You can have a drag queen as a model for your life drawing. You must have been questioning yourself about the reasons. Well, hiring a drag queen for this job has its own perks, especially if you hire them from our website. Let’s go through them:

Drag Queen Kissi 2
  • A Drag Queen is more than just a model:

When we are talking about drag queens, we are referring to someone more than just merely a character or a model. They have a whole personality that’s very likable. Now, imagine yourself drawing someone who’s sitting in front of you like a statue and comparing it with someone who’s not only giving you poses but also radiating a very positive aura and creating a very comfortable and jolly environment. Who would you prefer? It’s obvious that the second choice is much better. And that’s exactly what a drag queen gives you. Thus, it’s one of the reasons why it’s a better option.

  • A Drag Queen will do more than just pose for the life drawing:

Posing to let others sketch you, is one thing. But how about we add some humour, jokes, and laughs while doing so? No one would mind that since it isn’t any international sketching competition. So, why take something so seriously that it loses its charm? A drag queen will not that happen at any cost. Not only you will enjoy their company, but they will also joke around, make your desired poses and keep you entertained with their humorous personality. What more could you wish for? Therefore, hiring a drag queen could possibly be the best idea for your hen’s party.

Drag Queen Kissi 3
Alyia Bride to Be

3. The Perfect choice for Bridal Shower:

We have been emphasizing Bridal Showers and Hen’s Parties since the beginning of the article and there’s a reason for it. These events are exclusively for women and women’s preferences differ a lot from men. Due to the difference in their perspectives, their desires for entertainment also vary. For example, if we consider the typical stereotype of women, they are more into gossip, laughter, and jokes and prefer gatherings with other women. Now, if you hire only a model for life drawing purposes, you will be done with them as soon as you complete your drawings. But drag queens will offer your more than that.

They will give what the ladies want. They are highly interactive and will play all the games with you. Their sole purpose will be to entertain you and they will do whatever possible to get that smile on your face. They will gossip with you and keep you entertained till the party ends. Therefore, hiring a Drag queen for your hen’s party and bridal shower could easily be the best decision ever if you don’t want your guests to get bored.

4. Meet Our Drag Queen Kissi: she will ensure that everyone at the hen’s party feels comfortable:

Let’s make it clear that even if you are trying to have fun, you have your personal boundaries that you don’t want anyone to violate. But if you are hiring someone specifically to get them involved with you, there’s always a risk that they can unintentionally violate those boundaries. Consequently, such actions aren’t considered comfortable and they can also ruin the whole party. Therefore, it’s necessary for the entertainer to respect everyone’s comfort zone. And that’s what we assure our customers.

We have been running this business for years and we have an extensive history of satisfied customers. It’s our first priority to make you feel comfortable around our crew so that a healthy bond can be created. Consequently, the more intimacy, the more will be interactivity and it also means more fun. Thus, our drag queen Kissi will make sure that you are comfortable around them and that none of you feels excluded.

. Now considering all these perks, if you have decided to hire a drag queen to level up your parties, you can hire them through our website. We have classified our packages under three categories and that is; Bronze, Silver, and Gold. You can choose any of the packages according to your requirements. Let’s have an in-depth look into each of these packages and their perks:

Drag Queen Kissi 4

1. Bronze:

You will get this package at $60 pp. In this package, you will get our drag queen who will gossip around with you and play games with you. To make it a better deal for you, you will be provided with all the painting materials required for the life drawing. Furthermore, you will be also provided party games to make your hen’s party memorable.

2. Silver:

Through this bundle, you will be given the opportunity to have more fun. Let’s imagine that you are not good at sketching or drawing but you are at a party, trying to life drawing. In that case, we have come up with a solution through our silver package. You will not only be given a drag queen model, all the art supplies, and party games but we will also send an instructor to guide your guests through the life drawing. With this professional guidance, you can fully enjoy the life drawing experience at a Bridal shower or any other hen’s party. You will be only charged $75 pp for this whole package.

3. Gold:

This package is the best we can offer. If you want to take your hen’s party to next level, this is your deal. Besides the normal stuff that we provide our customers like a drag queen, games, drawing supplies, and a teacher, what more you could wish for? Ladies, it’s time to push the boundaries and we are going to help you with it. Therefore, you will also get the opportunity of doing a life drawing of a topless male model. Moreover, you can also enjoy photography services but entirely up to you. And all these services are provided at just $85 pp. It’s the best package that will make your hen’s party highly memorable.

To surprise your guests by these wonderful packages, CLICK HERE to book yourself a drag queen life drawing package.

However, if you are only interested in topless waiters and life drawing for your hen’s party, you can also get those services through our website.


Our services are based in Adelaide (South Australia). Therefore, we can only entertain you with our services in this particular area. We can provide our services at your place or you can also trust us with venues too. We know multiple revenues that are best for your hen’s party. Let’s list down some of the best ones that we know:

These were the best venues in nearby Adelaide. But you can give us your recommendations too and we will work accordingly.

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So, this was all you needed to know about our special drag queen life drawing services. We are trying something that has never been done before and we are surprised by the multiple reviews from our customers. Not only they enjoy the life drawing experience but also had so much fun with the drag queens themselves. Therefore, you should try our services too. We believe that you will surely love it. If you want to know more about our services, CLICK HERE to get redirected to our main page. You will see several other interesting services that you can get from us. And if you liked our services and content, make sure that share it with your friends so that they won’t miss out.

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