One of the most important pre-wedding events is the hen party! This eve is crucial because it is the prequel to the big day and sets the tone for the entire celebration. Taking it a step further, you can even introduce some of your guests to one another at your hen night and familiarise themselves with the people who will be a part of your special day.

If it turns out to be an occasion where everyone gets along, it will create an exciting feeling that will stick with you well past the wedding day. This is why most girls are eager to set the tone right and start the evening on a high note!

There are always plenty of options when it comes to hen night ideas! However, lately, most people are searching for something out of the ordinary – classy yet entertaining. An event that will keep people interested and talking through the night. One of the most exciting ideas that will undoubtedly make a hen party memorable is a themed night, and the theme is – cocktail-making classes! We are sure this is a plan your guests will love and speak about for a long time.

If you are looking to make things more enjoyable, then this particular hen party in Adelaide class will make it happen. In this case, you can forget the cheesy nightclubs and karaoke and focus on creating a fun and classy night with a little bit of a twist. Your guests will enjoy this event so much that we are confident the celebrations will go well into the night. And, of course, your happiness (as the bride) is guaranteed!

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Why Cocktail-making classes? For the win!

Cocktails have always been an essential part of a good event. After all, let’s be honest – is it really a celebration if cocktails are not included? Naturally, the answer is no. So, this is an excellent way to start the night!

In these classes, you can learn how to make some yummy drinks from scratch and have fun while doing it! Since it is such a special occasion, one of the best hen night ideas is to hire one or a couple of bartenders that would elevate the mood with their informal attitude and even an outfit that would put a smile on everybody’s faces. There is nothing better than organising this type of hen party. You will notice that the atmosphere will get a bit heated, and the guests will enjoy every second of it.

To top it all off, the best part about it is that you will all walk away with some great memories and an excellent new skill learned. You can come with zero expertise and still walk away with something that will stick with you for the rest of your life!

When you are organising such a hen party in Adelaide, you don’t need to have any previous experience. Since you will be hiring bartenders, they will be helping you out. They will show you what to do, and together, you will make some of the best cocktails ever! The bar staff will be charming, professional, and ready to help you out whenever you need some assistance. In addition, they will provide that extra charm and amusement which is necessary to make the night super special and memorable.

Can I do a themed cocktail-making class?

Yes! This is even a preferred option for many people. The theme can either be something that matches your wedding style or the complete opposite. Either way, it will be a blast for all attendees! Let’s look at some cocktail-themed hen night ideas you can consider.

– You can have a tropical-themed cocktail class – if you are looking for a way to create a paradise that will look out of this world, this is the perfect option. There are plenty of decoration options for you to go through, everything from deep green with bright orange to going all flamingo and pink! It will seem like you have arrived at a destination for a party! There will be bartenders who can help you create some fabulous tropical cocktails you will adore. Also, consider including some amusing finger foods and fresh salads. Maybe add a little bit of zest by adding a tropical dish too. The night will be perfect!

Brunch Hens Party

– Opt for a disco-themed cocktail class – make your hen party a night to remember by bringing back the disco era! One of the best hen night ideas is to create an event that will revolve all around disco and cocktails! And the good thing about this type of party is that you can instantly take the guests out of their comfort zone and into a dancing mood! It is an excellent idea if you want to create a night that will be remembered for a long time. Not only will you be able to leave a memorable impression, but you will be able to organise it in a very short period! When it comes to delicious drinks, all you need to do is leave everything in the capable hands of the bar staff. They will ensure you have all the ingredients and necessary accessories, so all you need to know is that you are in capable hands! As for the decorations, disco balls are a must! You can even incorporate a dress code where everyone must dress in sequins, go-go boots, and have big hairstyles. As for make-up, dramatically winged eyes are a good choice!

– Choose a brunch cocktail class – if you love the daylight more than the night, it is perfectly acceptable to organise an event that starts right after noon! You can dive into the art of making cocktails the moment you walk in! And the bartenders will be ready and waiting for you, carrying all the ingredients you need. In this case, one of the best hen party ideas is to make it all pop with colour! You can incorporate as many vibrant shades as you want! Or why not have a signature cocktail that must be made with a pink gin, or you can ask everyone to be dressed in a specific colour and the bride-to-be in white! Since it is a brunch, after all, you can make sure to take care of the appetites of the ladies there by organising some incredible food options. It can even be something more than just a few nibbles – depending on how long you want your hens’ party in Adelaide to last.

What kind of cocktails should you serve?

Well, since this party will be a wonderful way to celebrate the new chapter in the life of the amazing bride-to-be, you will need some incredible cocktails to start! This is why we are here to ensure that your hens’ party in Adelaide goes as smoothly and as originally as possible. In addition, we are providing you with some original recipes that you and your girls will love!

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What kind of cocktails should you serve?

Well, since this party will be a wonderful way to celebrate the new chapter in the life of the amazing bride-to-be, you will need some incredible cocktails to start! This is why we are here to ensure that your hens’ party in Adelaide goes as smoothly and as originally as possible. In addition, we are providing you with some original recipes that you and your girls will love!

–          Bourbon Sour – the name is associated with a drink that gives you a little bit of freshness along with a unique taste. You will be able to make this in a very short time, and you will most likely love the result since all it takes is for you to stick to the precise measurements. With this recipe, you will see that you can easily make magic happen!

For the ingredients you are going to need:

  •         ½ tablespoon sugar syrup
  •         ½ shot of fresh lemon juice
  •         2 shots of bourbon
  •         Half an orange peel
  •         1 maraschino cherry

–          Wedding Daiquiri – this is a drink that tastes as appealing as it sounds. The ingredients make it a unique beverage that the bride-to-be will get to enjoy with the help of the most wonderful people around her (and the bartenders too). You should consider this drink if you are looking for a softer option for your unique cocktail menu.

The ingredients are:

  •         A shot of white rum
  •         A quarter of a shot of simple syrup
  •         Half a shot of freshly squeezed lime juice
  •         A lime wheel

Naturally, all the iconic cocktails will be prepared by you, with the assistance of the sexy bartenders.


Organising a hen party in Adelaide has never been easier! Especially when it comes to cocktail-making classes, the options you have are truly endless. Today we have only touched the surface, but we assure you – on the evening itself, the fantastic experience will be oh-so-fabulous!

We can only hope that these hen night ideas have sparked your imagination for your special evening. If you are looking to make an incredible and unforgettable event out of it, then you should contact us! Take a look at our cocktail-making class and see if it ticks off all your boxes! If so, then all you need to do is purchase it and start the preparations!